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Study Abroad

As an opportunity for both academic enrichment and personal growth, William Jewell College recognizes that study abroad promotes the development of critical thinking, self-reflection and cross-cultural skills students continue to utilize long after they've returned home.

Semester and Year-Long Study
For semester and year-long study, William Jewell offers its students a list of quality study-abroad programs that are neither owned nor operated by Jewell, but which have been reviewed and approved by Jewell faculty and staff for academic rigor and good student service. Students who opt to study abroad for a semester or full academic year, must select one of these college-approved programs. If you are interested in a program that does not appear on Jewell’s approved list, please visit the Center for Global Studies and Journey Grants to discuss your options. While studying abroad, semester and full-year students remain enrolled at Jewell and earn Jewell credit toward major/minor, core curriculum or elective requirements. All grades earned while abroad are calculated in the Jewell GPA.

Summer and Winter Study
Short-term summer and winter programs are an excellent option for students with rigid academic schedules or student athletes who need to remain on campus during the semester.  Students opting to study abroad during the summer or winter break are not restricted to the list of college-approved programs, though many of these programs do offer summer or winter options. Coursework completed during a short-term, study-abroad program may be approved for transfer credit by submitting an Approval for Non-WJC Coursework form. 

Choosing a Study Abroad Program
To select the right study abroad program, you should carefully consider both the goals you hope to meet during your study abroad experience and the challenges that might prevent you from achieving your goals. You can begin to define your goals and identify challenges by asking yourself...

  • Why do I want to study abroad?
  • When is the best time for me to study abroad? How long should I study abroad?
  • Is there a particular region/country in which I would like to study abroad? 
  • Do I want/need to take courses abroad that fulfill my major, minor or Jewell core curriculum requirements?
  • Should I fulfill my Jewell language requirement here or abroad? Do I have the language proficiency to take courses abroad in the host language?  
  • Do I want a program with a specific academic theme or focus?
  • Do I want a program that includes an internship and/or a field research experience?
  • Do I want a program with opportunities for service learning or volunteerism?
  • Do I want to attend classes with local students or with other Americans? 
  • Do I want the classes to be on the American model or another model (which may involve more independent work)?
  • Do I want to live with residents of the host country? With other Americans? With international students?
  • Do I want to live in a dormitory? Apartment?
  • What opportunities do I want to meet local people? To travel?
  • Are there any social, academic or athletic commitments that will make it difficult for me to study abroad?
  • Will I have difficulties convincing my family that I should study abroad?
  • How much money can I or my family afford to spend?
  • Do I have special needs (physically, mentally, academically, medically) for which I will need accommodations while abroad?

Once you have answered these questions, you will have some guiding principles to help you better assess your program options.

Application Process
Students who choose to study abroad for either a semester or full academic year, must first obtain Jewell approval to study off-campus and then apply for acceptance by their selected program.

The application deadline for semester or year-long study during the 2016-17 academic year is January 22, 2016.

Your application should include:

You will be contacted via email in mid-February with an application decision. If approved, your email will include instructions for the second step of the application process: submitting your application to the program provider. In most cases, program applications and completion instructions can be found on the program's websites. Be sure to submit your program application by the program’s deadline. The final admission decision will be made by your selected program.
For Summer or Winter Study
Students studying with a short-term summer or winter program are not required to obtain Jewell approval to study off-campus and should not complete an Application for Approval to Study Abroad. You will, however, need to complete the Approval for Non-WJC Coursework form (available from either the Center for Global Studies and Journey Grants or the Office of the Registrar) if you want to receive academic credit for your work. To receive credit, your study-abroad transcript must either a) include only coursework that is also offered as part of an approved semester program, or b) be issued by an accredited higher education institution. If you are studying with a third-party, study-abroad provider (such as IES, CIEE, AIFS, etc.), and your coursework is not also offered as part of a Jewell-approved semester program, you may need to request a transcript through the provider’s school of record. The Center for Global Studies and Journey Grants can help you determine whether you will need to request a school of record transcript.

Application Evaluation
While the opportunity to apply for study abroad is available to all qualified William Jewell students, participation is not guaranteed. To be approved, you must meet Jewell’s minimum eligibility criteria and demonstrate that you will benefit both academically and personally from the study-abroad experience.

  1. The minimum eligibility requirements for study abroad are as follows:
    • Completion of a minimum of 42 credits prior to participation in the program
    • Completion of Level One of the Core Curriculum prior to participation in the program
    • Minimum institutional GPA of 3.0. (Students required to study abroad by their declared major who have an institutional GPA below 3.0 must submit with their application an additional letter of support from the major’s department chair.)
    • Completion of at least two semesters of satisfactory full-time coursework on Jewell’s campus before departure
    • In good academic, disciplinary and financial standing 
  2. The proposed study abroad program should represent a well-defined continuation of a William Jewell liberal arts education and the individual student's academic program.
  3. The student's record should demonstrate clear evidence of college-level preparation and academic achievement (e.g. GPA, relevant coursework) appropriate to the proposed study abroad program and the specific course of study on that program. 

Contact Us
Are you ready to discover for yourself why students who study abroad often refer to the experience as a defining moment in their education? Visit the Adams Center for Global Studies and Journey Grants for further information. 

Sara Round
Director of Global Studies and Journey Grants
307 Pryor Learning Commons 
(816) 415-5984


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