Team Catalyst is an organizational training tool that…

  • Builds organizational cohesiveness
  • Incorporates your organization’s mission, values, and objectives
  • Improves morale
  • Involves everyone (group sizes: 50 – 500)
  • Combines engaging fun challenges with applied learning tools

Event Overview
Team Catalyst begins with large group Cohesive Builders. These are engaging activities that help the group feel comfortable with one another and start building trusting relationships. Catalyst continues by breaking the large group down into smaller pods of 10 to 12 people called Learning Teams. The Learning Teams then engage in numerous custom designed activities and challenges that focus on your organizational objectives. How do we get these objectives? We work side-by-side with your organization to come up with these objectives.

Throughout the event, we then incorporate Application Tools to help the Learning Teams identify key learnings and apply them to their lives. The event concludes with a large group overview of application points and a photo presentation of the event.

Special Features
This two to three hour indoor training experience incorporates music, PowerPoint presentations, give-a-ways, and immediate photos to help enhance the overall event.

Cost is determined by the number of participants, the amount of time, and the location. Please call 816-415-5079 for more information, a free consultation, and a price quote. Or email us atinfo AT tuckerleadership DOT org.




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