Journey Grants

Jewell’s Journey Grant is a distinctive experience providing the freedom and funding to truly make the college experience one-of-a-kind. Transformative experiences, academic pursuits and self-discovery embody the Jewell Journey we promise every student. A Journey Grant encourages exploration, discovery, adventure and change. After completing the sophomore year, students may apply for a self-designed grant such as a research project, study-away experience, entrepreneurial opportunity, internship, civic engagement initiative or service. Journey Grants will be a minimum of $2,000, with the opportunity for additional funds awarded on a competitive basis to support great proposals.

Where will your Journey Grant take you?
Journey Grants are meaningful because they are customized to complement each student’s passion. The experiences that could be funded are limitless. Here is a sampling of approved Journey Grant projects designed by Jewell students:

  • Examine the way a professional football team is managed by touring the facilities and meeting personnel with the San Francisco 49ers
  • Study Irish culture and history, focusing on the themes of tradition, change and identity in modern Ireland
  • Experience top fashion shows in Europe to document the rise of “street style” wear on a fashion blog
  • Create an app and web development firm aimed at helping local businesses use affiliate marketing, advertising and plug-and-go design techniques
  • Help build medical clinics, schools, farms and sanitation facilities in a mountain village in Honduras
  • Learn other languages through language-intensive programs in China, Japan, France, Spain, Peru, Jordan and the Netherlands
  • Provide clean drinking water to the rural communities of Guatemala through the Waves for Water and The Guatemalan Project non-profits
  • Coach a youth baseball camp hosted by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in southern California
  • Manage the rehearsals and run of performances with a stage theatre production in New York City
  • Build the foundation for a drug rehab facility out of compressed earth blocks in Maverick County, Texas
  • Attend the International Conference on Finance and Accounting in Zurich, Switzerland
  • Discover the laws and policies governing international adoption from Jamaica, Mexico and the Cayman Islands
  • Heal the sick as part of a mobile medical clinic for the impoverished in Haiti
  • Swim with manatees as part of an up-close-and-personal study of animal behavior in their natural habitat
  • Explore computational fluid dynamics at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Brussels, Belgium
  • Conduct population research on endemic species in the Galapagos Archipelago
  • Observe sustainable and organic practices at environmentally conscious cafés and restaurants in Colorado
  • Drive at a Sports Car Club of America-sponsored driving school to learn the inner workings of a driving school
  • Teach conversational English, as well as core math and science courses, to natives of Fiji or Kenya
  • Mentor and train alongside young track and field athletes from Cameroon
  • Dig on an active archaeological site on a Greek island in the Cyclades, learning excavation techniques and gaining on-site experience
  • Organize mission trips and work with missionaries on-site in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic
  • Intern with local doctors specializing in interventional radiology, pathology and orthopedic surgery
  • Test aquaponic systems for the production of lettuce, kale and basil in different types of growth media
  • Shadow a workplace risk prevention expert in Paris and interview professionals on French health care methods
  • Fundraise for hearing amplification devices and hearing testing equipment for children at a school in Sri Lanka
  • View the marketing techniques used by top fashion designers in Milan, Italy
  • Master traditional and improvisational fiddling techniques from experts in Nashville
Journey Grant Reflections by Jewell Students
Journey Grant Reflections by Jewell Students