Core: Level I  – Foundations

Level I of the Critical Thought and Inquiry core curriculum includes 12 hours of core classes. The introductory level, beginning with The Responsible Self, a humanities-based course, and courses in written communication and mathematics, bridges the crossing from high school to college learning.

Level I includes 12 hours of core classes:

  • The Responsible Self
  • Written Communication or Advanced Written Communication
  • Mathematics

Core: Level II Explorations

Level II of the Critical Thought and Inquiry Core Curriculum is designed to be interdisciplinary, with the purpose of encouraging learning in reference to relevant questions that transcend disciplinary boundaries. There are four categories of study:

  • Culture and Traditions
  • Sacred and Secular
  • Science, Technology and the Human Experience
  • Power and Justice


Core: Level III – Capstone

Level III of Critical Thought and Inquiry is the core capstone. Addressing complex, real-world issues, students apply learning and hone their research and presentation skills. This advanced level of the Core Curriculum consists of one 4-hour course. The course options are interdisciplinary and occasionally team-taught.