Teachers who intentionally challenge and support students create confident learners.

Exclusively for practicing teachers, the Master of Science of Education in Differentiated Instruction at Jewell will help you design learning environments, create assessments and plan lessons that enable students with a variety of skill levels and learning profiles to succeed in a standards-based classroom. Building on what you already know and do, this program will help you increase the effectiveness of your practice, using your own classroom and students.

Drawing on the best thinking about how to promote individual learning through purposeful instruction (Tomlinson, Dweck, Sousa, Marzano, Wormeli, Wiggins & McTighe, and others), this program will help you:

  • Select and implement specific strategies from a range of research-based, effective instructional and assessment practices to target specific learning outcomes.
  • Utilize differentiated instructional techniques with any curriculum.
  • Manage a range of instructional activities within the same classroom when students are all working toward the same objectives but are working at different levels.
  • Provide a professional learning community where you can learn from peers throughout the metro area.

The program provides:

  • Convenient week-long classes on-campus held in summer and hybrid/in-school classes during the school year
  • Courses, schedule and tuition designed to meet the needs of working teachers:
    • 30 credit M.S.Ed. can be earned in 14 months (summer, fall, spring, summer); OR
    • 30 credit M.S.Ed. can be earned in two years with fewer courses each semester; OR
    • Choose any 5 courses you need to earn a Jewell Graduate Certificate in DI.
    • Cost is $400/credit hour with most courses being 3 credit hours.
    • Payment plan available.

For more information about the M.S.Ed. program, call 816-415-7627 or email Dana Brock at brockd@william.jewell.edu.

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Program approved by the Higher Learning Commission and on the List of Schools Approved for Degree or Certification Earning Programs by the Cooperating School Districts of Greater Kansas City.

M.S.Ed. Differentiated Instruction –
Meeting Students’ Needs
M.S.Ed. Differentiated Instruction –
Reaching Every Student