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All students who wish to major in music must audition for admission to the department. This can be done at the same time as an award audition. Students who do not wish to major in music may still audition for a music award  to participate in the Department of Music  while at Jewell. Awards are competitive and are awarded based on talent.

A music award is both a reflection of a student’s achievement before coming to Jewell and also an investment in the potential achievement of that student while attending Jewell. All awards require some participation in the department, usually in the form of applied lessons for at least four semesters and membership in one or more ensembles. Students may audition on instrument(s), voice, piano or a combination.

Audition dates and Application deadlines

Fall 2015:                Friday, October 9 
                                                         Application Deadline October 2

                                            Saturday, November 7
                                                         Application Deadline October 30

 Spring 2016:             Saturday, February 13
pplication Deadline February 5

                                    Saturday, March 5
                                                           Application Deadline February 26

                                  Saturday, April 2
                                                       Application Deadline March 25


The Music Award Application process begins with your application to William Jewell College.  To start your Jewell application: 

Have questions:  contact  Anne Aunspaugh    


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