When is the deadline for applications?

Our admission system uses three recommended milestones for application submission: one for submitting the online application, one for submitting all transcripts, and one for submitting all supplemental items.

Spring Semester milestones (year prior to start of intended program)

February 1 – Online application (www.jewell.edu/apply) submitted

March 1 – All college transcripts documenting current or previous college-level coursework submitted

April 1 – All supplemental items for nursing packet submitted (file complete)

Summer Semester milestones (year prior to start of intended program)

April 1 – Online application (www.jewell.edu/apply) submitted

May 1 – All college transcripts documenting current or previous college-level coursework submitted

June 1 – All supplemental items for nursing packet submitted (file complete)

Fall Semester milestones (year prior to start of intended program)

September 1 – Online application (www.jewell.edu/apply) submitted

October 1 – All college transcripts documenting current or previous college-level coursework submitted

November 1 – All supplemental items for nursing packet submitted (file complete)

Please note that these milestones are recommended in order to enable us to return a decision to each complete applicant as soon as possible. If you are interested in applying to a cohort for which the milestones have passed, please contact your admission counselor to inquire about space availability.
How long is the nursing program?

The William Jewell College Baccalaureate Nursing program (Traditional Track) can be completed in four years, with five semesters spent in clinical nursing courses. Students generally complete their education within four years and take the NCLEX-RN licensing exam the summer following May graduation.

We offer students the opportunity to choose a curriculum that allows for the completion of a Bachelor of Science – Nursing in three years. Please contact your admission counselor to state your interest in the 3-year Track BSN Program.

Students entering with a degree and choosing the Accelerated Track have two options for completing the required nursing hours:

12 month Accelerated Track, beginning each May and finishing the following May

16-month Accelerated Track, beginning in January and finishing in May the following year

Transfer students who have completed all prerequisite requirements for the program can apply to the program beginning either in Spring or Fall.

We will conduct an official transcript evaluation to determine readiness to the program (including prerequisite and core curriculum completion from transferring college credit already taken prior to applying to Jewell).

Spring applicants will spend five semesters in the nursing program prior to graduation (summer terms may be included). Fall applicants will spend four semesters (summer terms included) in the program prior to graduation.

How much does the program cost?

To view a complete summary of attendance costs, please click here.

Do you prepare students for the NCLEX-RN licensing exam?

Students actively participate in a diagnostic testing program in each semester of the nursing program. All seniors are part of weekly coaching sessions during the second semester senior year in preparation for the licensing exam. Success on NCLEX-RN exam varies with the individual student.

What is Jewell’s first-time NCLEX pass rate/job placement rate?

To view our outcomes, please click here.

Do William Jewell graduates pursue graduate studies?

Jewell nursing grads begin graduate studies after some time in clinical practice. We have graduates with advanced degrees in nurse anesthesia, nurse practitioner, business and various clinical specialties.

How old can my prerequisites be and still count for credit?

The Department of Nursing will consider courses for credit as they apply to the curriculum offered at William Jewell College, provided the student submits course grades of C- or higher; the approved science courses* are completed within the 10 years prior to the student’s start date of the nursing program; and the approved Nutrition, Pharmacology, and/or Pathophysiology courses are completed within the 5 years prior to the student’s start date of the nursing program. Applicants to the program not meeting these requirements will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

*Anatomy with a lab, Chemistry with a lab, Microbiology with a lab, and Physiology with a lab

What is the Department of Nursing refund policy?

Traditional Program (Fall & Spring)

If a student withdraws from school or decreases hours after classes begin, applicable credits for tuition, room, meals and fees will be computed according to the following schedule.  Credits for classes are based upon the date the student notifies the Student Affairs Office in writing or in person.  Credit for room and meals are based upon the date the student notifies Residential Life in writing or in person.  The following percentages apply:


Withdrawal:  Beginning with the first day and continuing for the first and second week after classes begin, the credit is 90%; third and fourth week 50%; fifth through eighth week 25%; no credit after the eighth week of class.  NOTE:  The refund schedule for seven-week classes is different; please contact the Business Office before dropping classes.


Change of Course:  prior to the close of the registration period for each semester, the College will credit any tuition charges made for courses dropped by the student when an equivalent number of hours is added.  After the close of registration, the credit will be calculated using the same rates as shown above.


Rooms & Meals:  Student moving out of the residence halls during a semester will be charged a pro-rated amount based on the number of days residing in the dormitory.  Charges for meals will be pro-rated based on the number of weeks the student was enrolled on a meal plan.


Room Deposits:  After June, 30, room deposits for returning students may be refunded only if the applicant is physically unable to enroll or the college cannot provide residence hall space.  Once students occupy a residence hall room, the deposit becomes a reservation/damage deposit held in escrow until the student graduate or moves off campus.  A student will forfeit the room deposit if they do not notify Student Affairs of their intention not to return by June 30 or December 1 for the fall and spring semesters respectively.


Summer School

Students withdrawing from Summer School (excluding AT Nursing Program) courses will be credited tuition and fees according to the following schedules:


Four week courses:  Prior to the first day of class:  100%; 1st – 3rd day: 90%; 4th – 6th day: 50%; 7th – 8th day:  25%.


Eight week courses:  Prior to the first day of class:  100%; 1st week:  90%; 2nd week: 50%; 3rd week: 25%


Accelerated Track Nursing Program


General Information:

The AT Nursing Program at Jewell is cohort based.  Once the College commits to the number of students in any cohort, the costs associated with that program are fixed.  Therefore, refunds are limited except as provided below.


Refund Policy:

The AT Nursing Program has two tracks:  A January cohort and a May cohort.  The January cohort is billed in four terms:  spring 1, summer, fall, and spring 2.  The May cohort is billed in three terms: summer, fall and spring.

Students who withdraw:


  • on or before the first day of class for any term will not be charged tuition or fees for that term or subsequent terms.
  • without having attended the first term will forfeit their enrollment deposit.
  • during the first week of class of the first term will receive a 90% refund of tuition charges for that term, any fees assessed are not refundable, and the student will not be billed for the subsequent terms.
  • after the first day of class during the second, third or fourth term will be responsible for paying 100% of the tuition and fees billed for that term.  They will not be billed for subsequent terms.


Any student who withdraws due to extenuating circumstances may submit a letter of appeal to the Controller.


How do I make an appointment to visit?

If you would like to make an appointment to visit the Nursing Department and discuss admission, please call 1-816-415-7511. We look forward to meeting you!


For more information about Nursing at Jewell, please contact:

Jordan McKinney | 816-415-7678
Director of Nursing Admission
Office of Admission
William Jewell College
500 College Hill, Box 1002
Liberty, MO 64068