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The Bachelor of Science - Nursing Accelerated Track (BSN-AT) program is an option to consider for anyone who has completed a regionally accredited Bachelor's Degree wishing to earn a fully accredited nursing degree. William Jewell College started its 12-month AT program in 2002 with approval by the Missouri State Board of Nursing, and in 2011 added a 16-month track.

We are currently accepting applications for the 16-month Accelerated Track (Jan. 2016-May 2017) program, as well as the 16-month Accelerated Track (Jan. 2017-May 2018) program.

We are currently accepting applications for the 12-month Accelerated Track (May 2016-2017) program.

  • Selection for the BSN-AT Program
  • Application Deadline
  • BSN Accelerated Track Application Checklist
  • Financial Aid

Selection is based on submission and/or documentation of the following items, to be evaluated by the Director of Nursing Admission, the Department of Nursing, and the Office of the Registrar:

  • BA or BS degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  • Completion of application to William Jewell College
  • Submission of official transcripts from all colleges attended
  • Minimum GPA of 2.7
  • Prerequisite courses completed prior to the beginning of nursing classes with a grade of C- or better in all courses
  • Two Letters of Recommendation (academic or professional) that address the candidate's character and ability to complete an intensive course of study
  • An Involvement Résumé detailing any community service/volunteering, healthcare experience, and/or employment experience
  • Submission of an official scoresheet from a test date less than one year old from one of the following entrance exams:
  • A formal interview performed by the Department of Nursing following submission of all application materials (see the BSN Accelerated Track Application Checklist for details)

We are currently accepting applications for the 16-month Accelerated Track (Jan. 2016-May 2017) program, as well as the 16-month Accelerated Track (Jan. 2017-May 2018) program.

We are currently accepting applications for the 12-month Accelerated Track (May 2016-2017) program.

BSN Accelerated Track Application Checklist

  • Step One: Complete the free, online application for admission. To begin, click here
  • Step Two: Request that separate and official copies of your transcripts for all college institutions at which you've enrolled be sent to the Office of Admission at the address listed below. Please remember to request transcripts from colleges that sponsored dual-credit courses you have taken during high school. In order for your transcripts to be considered official, they must be sent directly from the reporting institution to the Office of Admission at William Jewell College.
  • Step Three: Complete your application packet by submitting the following materials for evaluation:
    • Two Letters of Recommendation. Please have your reference type a letter, print it, sign it by hand, and mail it directly to the Office of Admission. Recommendations must come from a person who has served in a supervisory or professorial capacity in relationship to you. Personal references from family and friends will not be accepted. 
    • Involvement Résumé. Maximum length allowed is two pages. As applicable, focus on areas of professional healthcare experience, community service/volunteering, mentoring/leadership, and education.
    • Nursing Essay. Maximum length allowed is 500 words, with a minimum length of 250 words. Please answer both of the following prompts: Why do you want to become a nurse? Why is Jewell the place for you to earn your BSN? You may submit your essay as part of your online application, or you can leave the essay portion of the application blank, and submit your essay at a later time by e-mailing it as an attachment to the Assistant Director of Admission for Nursing. 
    • Entrance Exam Scoresheet. Submit an official scoresheet from a proctored test taken at a licensed testing facility less than one year ago from one of the entrance exams listed below. Please request that your testing provider deliver an official score report directly to the Office of Admission:
  • Step Four: Review the Department of Nursing's Background Check Policy by clicking here.

A formal interview is required to determine admission status. All official college transcripts and application packet submissions must be received by the Office of Admission before an interview will be granted. Interviews are granted based on the merits of application submissions as determined by the Assistant Director of Admission for Nursing and the Department of Nursing. As such, not all applicants will be selected for interview. If a candidate is selected for a formal interview, they will be notified by a member of the Department of Nursing so as to coordinate a time and date for the interview.

Please Direct All Transcripts and Application Packet Materials To:

Office of Admission
500 College Hill - Box 1002
Liberty, MO 64068

Electronic copies of transcripts are accepted if submitted by the reporting institution to admission AT william.jewell DOT edu following completion of the official school application.

Financial Aid for the BS Nursing Accelerated Track

Students entering the B.S. in Nursing - Accelerated Track are eligible for financial assistance; however, sources are limited. Because students entering the AT program have already obtained a bachelor's degree, they are ineligible for federal and state grant assistance as well as Jewell grants and scholarships. Outside scholarships may be obtained from local hospitals and other organizations, usually with stipulations such as successful completion of the program and a contractual agreement of employment.

Tuition and Fees
Students attending the BSN-AT program are charged one flat rate for tuition. Students are billed for each term prior to the start of each semester.

January 2016 Accelerated Track Program Cost - $37,340
The 16-month BSN-AT program consists of four terms at a cost of $9,335 per term.

May 2016 Accelerated Track Program Cost - $37,340
The 12-month BSN-AT program consists of three terms at a cost of $12,447 per term.

Loan Eligibility
The Federal Direct Loan may be available to students according to FAFSA submission to the College. A maximum of $2,750 subsidized loan (based on demonstrated financial need) and $3,500 unsubsidized loan amounts for independent students may be obtained for each semester for the AT program (spring, summer, fall, spring). Dependent students are eligible for $2,750 subsidized and $1,000 unsbusidized loan according to federal regulations. A Federal Nursing Loan may also be available to eligible, need-based students on a funds-available basis.

Loan entrance counseling is required of all students electing to borrow the Federal Direct Loan. Loan proceeds will not be disbursed to the College until the counseling session is complete.

Two FAFSAs are required for financial aid for the duration of the AT program. Electronic filing of the FAFSA is available at fafsa.ed.gov.

Students whose FAFSAs have been received by the fall and/or spring orientation meeting held by the William Jewell College Nursing Department may have their Financial Aid Award Letters available at that time.

For additional assistance to help cover college costs, books and supplies, living expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses students may apply for a private, alternative loan. These non-federal loans are borrower-initiated, credit-based applications and can have unique characteristics such as loans directed at students pursuing a health profession.

Cost of Attendance 
The total cost of attending Jewell's BSN-AT program includes the tuition (listed above), books and supplies, living expenses, and maintenance expenses for the duration of the program. These expenses are not payable to the College and are currently under review using the Consumer Price Index (CPI) to determine reasonable accommodations for living in the Kansas City metro area.

Please contact Matthew Boyd at boydm AT william.jewell DOT edu  or call 816-415-5974 with questions regarding financial aid eligibility.


Students in the BSN-AT track and the four-year BSN track receive the same classes. Following are the prerequisite and required courses for the program.

Prerequisite courses must be completed prior to beginning the BSN-AT program. Prospective students are encouraged to apply while in the process of completing your prerequisite coursework. Science coursework must have been completed within 10 years of the date of application, with Pathophysiology and Nutrition completed within 5 years of the date of application.

  • Basic Psychology [PSY 211]
  • Pathophysiology [NUR 301]
  • Nutrition [NUR 311]
  • Microbiology with a lab [BMS 126/L]
  • Chemistry with a lab [CHE 113/L]
  • Anatomy with a lab [BMS 243/L]
  • Physiology with a lab [BMS 250/L]


Required Courses 
A six-week and an eight-week summer session is required for all BSN-AT students.

  • Session I: Fundamentals of Nursing and Health Care, Physical Examination & Health Assessment, and Human Pathophysiology
  • Session II: Health Management of Adults and Pharmacology

AT students will join the senior BSN nursing students during the fall semester to complete the program requirements.

  • Fall Semester: Gerontology, Psychiatric Mental Health, Family Centered Nursing, Health Care Research, Theory and Practice 
  • Spring Semester: Management of Critical Health States, Applications of Management Concepts, Leadership, and Community Health.



  • An Involvement Résumé detailing any community service/volunteering, healthcare, and/or employment experience

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