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Student Nurses’ Association
The Student Nurses’ Association is led by Tracy Cvetan. The SNA has been collecting food for Harvesters and raising funds for scholarships. Please contact Dr. Ruth Edwards at (816) 415-7605 if you are interested in contributing. The SNA would appreciate any alumni involvement.

Jewell 2010 Faculty Award Finalist
Five students are selected annually by the faculty for this prestigious honor. Students must have completed at least three years at Jewell and have a minimum 3.75 GPA

“I took full advantage of the diverse courses offered so that I could enhance my understanding of the world around me. My liberal arts education has helped me in my journey to understand others. I truly believe that my medical mission trip to Honduras would not have had the same meaning or impact had I not had the courses I did. I do not know how socially responsible I would have felt. Perhaps I would have just sent money to Honduras or helped the team pack, but by the time the opportunity arose, I felt it was my duty to my fellow man that I do my part. These people were not poor and stupid; they were unlucky and disenfranchised. I cannot help every person in every bad situation, but I can use my influence, knowledge and skills to make an impact. I have learned the power I possess and how I can and should use it, not just for myself, but for my world. This, I believe, has been the greatest influence and impact that my liberal arts education has had on me. It is not just ‘me’ and ‘them’: it is ‘us.’ ”

Running Strong
Ajok Deng won her debut half-marathon in October 2011. AJ placed first in the women’s division of the Kansas City Half-Marathon with a time of 1:23:26. She's an All-American member of Jewell's Track & Field and Cross Country teams.

 Student Accomplishments

  • Student Awards
  • Presentations and Publications
Student Awards      
  • Chelsea Williams: Missouri League for Nursing Outstanding Student Award
  • Katlyn Spohn: BSN Outstanding Academic Achievement Award
  • Kathy Wright: BSN-AT Outstanding Academic Achievement Award
  • Tarah Reynolds: BSN Outstanding Nursing Student Award
  • Jay Stevens: BSN-AT Outstanding Nursing Student Award
  • Courtney McCartney and Melody Minnick: Award for Integrity
  • Morgan Sleeper and Paul Mings: Award for Compassion
  • Jodi Misenhelter and Kristin Whittington: Award for Scholarship
  • Annie Shepard and Bryan Warne: Anne Bax Ozbolt Award for Servant Leadership
  • Emily Agee and Brittany Johnson: Award for Excellence in Practice
  • Ajok Deng, Jessica Smith, Chad Cleary and Kristen Bender: Mary Grant Seacole Award for Service

Presentations and Publications


Jewell’s faculty and students work independently and collaborate on research projects. Learning how to complete in-depth research projects, present at conferences and get published in national journals helps prepare nursing students to be lifelong learners. Following are some recent scholarly accomplishments.

Carolyn Kluss, AT, presented her poster, "Computer Keyboards and the Potential for Noscomial Infections," at the 2012 regional Sigma Theta Tau Spring Research Symposium in Kansas City.
Nursing students Katie Winfree, Kelly Swopes and Karen Badua joined Dr. Nancy Crigger to present “Nurse Ethicists as an Emerging Sub-discipline in Nursing” at Bobbie Siler Scholarship Day at the Research Hospital School of Nursing. 
Professor Nichole Spencer worked with nursing students Jessica Fine, Courtney McCartney and Molly Omohundro to provide most of the content for a new publication, Senior Exercise Resource Guide for the Northland. The booklet was created for the Clay County Health Department Falls Coalition and will be used throughout the Northland. 
Sher Adib, Erin Fuller, Brad Macoubrie and Michelle Peterson presented “A comparison of methods used for temperature measurement” at Nursing Educator Advocates for Undergraduate Scholarship at Graceland University in Independence, Mo. They also presented at William Jewell’s David Nelson Duke Undergraduate colloquium. 
April Berry, Sarah Griggs, Chris Lamley, Kim Mawby and Cari Wickham presented “Public Perceptions of Pharmaceutical Marketing and the Appropriateness of Provider Participation” at Nursing Educator Advocates for Undergraduate Scholarship at Graceland University in Independence, Mo. They also presented at William Jewell’s David Nelson Duke Undergraduate colloquium.
Adam Dobbins, Steve Hanson, Sara Johnson, Kelly Klink, Tina Latteyer, Amanda Riester, Kelsey Rigg and Noma Siyakwazi presented “A Study of Medication Use and Antecedents to Falls in Community Dwelling Elders” at Nursing Educator Advocates for Undergraduate Scholarship at Graceland University in Independence, Mo. They also presented at William Jewell’s David Nelson Duke Undergraduate colloquium. 

Nursing Student Athletes
At William Jewell, we encourage Nursing students to take full advantage of the Jewell experience: join a campus organization, take part in service projects, report for the newspaper, be a club president. In the past decade, more than 40 nursing graduates found their passion on the playing field. Nursing students have competed in golf, football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, track and field, cross country, cheerleading and dance team.

During the 2011-2012 year, a dozen nursing students actively participate in sports. These athletes express the significance of having good time management right from the starting line. Commonly they share that dedication, determination, self-discipline and devotion of heart and soul are necessary for success in both programs. They also express gratitude for the flexibility, understanding and support provided by the coaches and Department of Nursing faculty.

As these student athletes enter into and practice in the professional world of nursing, they appreciate the skills of teambuilding, collaboration, perseverance and multi-tasking while competing as athletes that assist them when caring for patients. Play on!

Tucker Leadership Lab
BSN and BSN-AT Nursing students participate in the Tucker Leadership Lab throughout their time in the Program. 
The Tucker Leadership Lab is one of the premiere team-building experiences in the Midwest and is located on the Jewell campus. Students experience a variety of activities such as a high-ropes challenge course, a low-challenge course, group experiential activities and facilitated discussions. These experiences develop both students’ leadership and cooperation skills.

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