William Jewell students consistently earn high-profile national recognition. Since 2006 the following students have received competitive awards.

American Graduate Fellowship
John Moore (finalist) 2009
Eryn Bates (finalist) 2006
Fulbright Scholarship
Paige Bolduc 2013
Elizabeth Hall 2007
Gilman Scholarship
Hang (Summer) Vu 2008
Lilia Toson (honorable mention) 2006
Goldwater Scholarship
Bradley Dice 2015
Samuel Joseph Endicott 2009
Jessica Schwalm (honorable mention) 2009
Jenilee Morrison 2006
James Madison Fellowship
Sarah Hoff 2008
George J. Mitchell Scholarship
Chris Rosson 2007
Point Foundation Scholarship
Andy Kirk 2007
National Institutes of Health/Bethesda, MD
Emily Abdoler 2007
Rhodes Scholarship
Emily Abdoler (national finalist) 2006
Chris Rosson (national finalist) 2006
Rotary International Scholarship
Jessica Gliserman 2015
Caroline Wheatley 2009
Teach for America
Kothney-Issa Guillaume Bush 2016
Brooklyn Bradley (early acceptance) 2015
Brittany Nicklas 2014
Ashley Stees 2014
Tyler White 2013
Anna Mahoney 2013
Meredith Moore 2013
Michael McClanahan 2012
Christy (Kleinbeck) Murphy 2012
Alyssa Brzuchalski 2011
Abby Hauver 2011
Alex Hart 2010
Alyssa Emery 2010
Krystle Chase 2007
Truman Scholarship
Elizabeth Bonney (finalist) 2008
Brittany Edwards (finalist) 2008
Emily Wales 2006
Chris Rosson 2006
William Sloane Coffin, Jr. Scholarship,Yale Divinity School
Elizabeth Bonney 2009