Created on the educational model found in Oxford and Cambridge Universities, the Oxbridge Honors Program features tutorial (rather than classroom) instruction and comprehensive examinations over the major field of study. All students in the program study for their full junior year in Oxford.

Tutorial Study
Classes in one’s Oxbridge major are taken in one-on-one or small group settings, with a master teacher or tutor coordinating intensive reading and writing assignments. Tutorials are designed for each area of specialization with a balance between standards of the discipline and individual students’ interests. Tutorial study:

  • Instills responsibility for one’s own learning
  • Develops critical reading and superior writing skills
  • Cultivates the ability to think on one’s feet and defend one’s ideas
  • Provides an opportunity for much greater depth and intensity of study than in regular courses

Comprehensive Exams
Following the British practice, students “sit” for comprehensive exams in their major during their senior year. Depending on the major, the student will write five or six three-hour essay exams. The comprehensive exams:

  • Emphasize the value of long-term, rather than immediate, goals
  • Encourage the integration of new knowledge with old
  • Demonstrate mastery of a field of knowledge, rather than a particular class, preparing students for intellectual study beyond the college setting