The Oxbridge Honors program is highly selective enrolling only 18 to 22 students in each new class each fall. While students in the Program are admitted on the basis of a wide variety of considerations, recent Oxbridge students have typically presented certain qualifications:

  • mean ACT scores of 30 (composite), 33 (reading) and 33 (science, for Oxbridge molecular biology majors)
  • a class rank in the top 10% (approximately half were graduated in the top 4% of their high school class)

Successful Oxbridge students are:

  • Academic Achievers: They write well and read difficult materials with understanding, take criticism well and use it to improve performance.
  • Intellectual Activists: They love learning, are curious, vigorous learners and thinkers, interested in ideas and active in discussion. They really enjoy studying, and don’t see it primarily as a responsibility to be carried out in order to earn good grades.
  • Independent Workers: They take initiative to ask questions, research ideas, and raise issues. They do not need constant reminders and external pressures to accomplish goals. They take responsibility for their assignments and deadlines.