William Jewell College desires for each student to thrive. We have multiple resources available to enable students to excel while on campus, and pursue success post-graduation.

Student Handbook
Look to the Student Handbook to learn more about community standards, as well as campus and residence life policies.

Academic Achievement Center
The Center provides comprehensive, centralized college-wide tutorial services to all registered students.  The Center academically supports students at all levels and in all disciplines.

Career Development and Internships
The mission of the Office of Career Development and Internships is to help students develop the attitudes, confidence, skills, and strategies necessary for career success and to build quality relationships with employers and graduate schools.

Counseling Services
William Jewell College offers counseling services to provide students with psychological services in a safe, supportive environment. Students often seek therapy in an effort to cope more effectively with mental health issues as well as the multi-faceted demands of college life.