Philosophy classes at William Jewell are a mental adventure. You will think critically and rigorously about the big questions, such as What is the meaning of life? How should I behave? How do faith and intellectual inquiry intersect? What makes a society just?

Your William Jewell philosophy professors were trained at the top graduate programs in their field, with degrees from Oxford, the University of Notre Dame and the University of Pittsburgh. They work closely with you to improve the clarity, depth and analytical creativity of your thinking and introduce you to an ongoing 2,500-year-old conversation about some of the most important issues humans can contemplate.

Studying philosophy enables you to understand the foundations of your culture. Who are we, what shaped us and why do we see things as we do? Most philosophy students begin their studies thinking they may be the only ones who have ever pondered these questions, but they graduate knowing they have been participating in an ancient discipline that has shaped human experience.