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Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics

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Director: Dr. Darlene Bailey, Chair/Director of Athletics 
Assistant Professor: Larry Holley
Instructors: Dustin Combs, Jill Cress, Jefferson Roblee, Mike Stockton, Shawn Weigel and Paul Worstell

The mission of the Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics Department is to be an integral part of the education process at William Jewell College by supporting the development of the “whole person”—physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual. The department’s aim is to improve students through the medium of physical and sport activities that support this mission. Opportunities will be provided for professional preparation, in accordance with accrediting agency requirements, of highly qualified teachers and leaders in recreation and athletics.

Goals for Student Learning

Our graduates will be able to:

  • Facilitate lifelong learning in a world of change;
  • Confront the challenges of tomorrow;
  • Exhibit leadership skills in order to affect decisions that will encourage the acquisition of health and other behaviors leading to an active, productive, and healthy lifestyle.

The department offers two majors and two minors. Both majors lead to a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree: recreation and sport, and physical education. The department also offers a two minors in coaching and performance enhancement, and recreation and sport.

The Major

Both majors require students to complete the following:

  •  A performance portfolio will be constructed by students throughout their undergraduate education. The portfolio details are available from the student’s departmental academic advisor. They are designed for each major; Physical Education (9-12) and Recreation and Sport;
  • A departmental junior review (after the student has completed 75 hours and before completing 90 hours) is required. At this time an initial review of the student’s performance portfolio will occur. Contact the academic advisor for further details;
  • A senior oral exit exam will take place after the student has completed 105 hours and prior to graduation. Contact the academic advisor for details.

Physical Education

This major has been approved by William Jewell College and is currently being reviewed for approval by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The purposes of the teacher education program are to prepare teachers who:

  1. Have a strong background in their teaching specialty (i.e., scientific knowledge, motor skills, human movement or health content);
  2. Understand health and physical education as a profession, including the historical and philosophical aspects, and can explain how health and physical education teachers can advance the goals of the profession in a variety of settings;
  3. Become effective coordinators of learning, relate theory to practice by planning, implementing and evaluating learning experiences, and cause students to become self-directed,lifelong learners.

Recreation and Sport
The purpose of the Recreation and Sport program will be to prepare professionals for careers in a wide variety of settings, such as: public park and recreation departments, community centers, fitness facilities, personal fitness trainers, corporate recreation, church recreation, nonprofit recreation centers and sport-related activities in non-school settings.

The Minors

The following two minors complement students’ majors. They provide the flexibility and diversity needed to allow the student to pursue a specific career interest in Coaching and Performance Enhancement or Recreation and Sport while at the same time providing the breadth needed to adapt these interests to a variety of markets. The minors thereby strengthen the students’ academic preparation and enhance career options regardless of their William Jewell College major. A major in Business Administration or Organizational Communication is recommended with these minors.

Coaching and Performance Enhancement

Recreation and Sport


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