Alcohol and Tailgating

Alcohol and Tailgating

Alcohol Policy
Updated: 6/30/16
Contact: Student Life Office

All students are expected to adhere to all policies and laws related to the possession, consumption, and/or distribution of alcohol, as outlined in the William Jewell College Student Handbook and by the State of Missouri, Clay County, and the City of Liberty. The unlawful use, possession, purchase, and/or distribution of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on the William Jewell College campus.

As an institution of higher learning, we believe that each member of our community, who is of legal age, makes a personal and conscious choice regarding consumption of alcohol. This personal choice underscores the concept of individual freedom as well as the responsibility of each individual and the community as a whole. Individuals living and learning at William Jewell College are expected to live and act responsibly. This responsibility includes individual choices about the possession and consumption of alcohol.

Thus, students of legal age in the State of Missouri and who have completed the College’s alcohol education program and have a validated student ID may possess and consume alcoholic beverages in the privacy of their residence hall room (See William Jewell College Regulations Regarding Alcohol Use for additional information). Students who do not meet the above criteria cannot consume, possess, or be in the presence of alcohol.

Regulations Regarding Alcohol Use in Shumaker Hall Sorority Complex
All alcohol use and possession in Shumaker Hall is prohibited per all sorority’s National/International policy.  Possession of alcoholic beverage containers, full, partially full, or empty, may be presumed as use and possession.

Regulations Regarding Alcohol Use in Residence Halls & Fraternity Housing
All students must adhere to the following regulations regarding alcohol use in the Residence Halls and Fraternity Housing. The policies in Fraternity Housing are expected to follow National/International policies and guidelines regarding alcohol.

  • Students not of legal age are prohibited where alcohol is present. Underage students in possession of or in the presence of alcohol will be considered in violation of the alcohol policy.
  • Students eligible to consume alcohol are in violation of the College alcohol policy if consuming alcohol in the presence of underage students, even if following all other guidelines stipulated within this policy statement.
  • Alcohol must be transported to living quarters in unopened containers.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in lounges, corridors, and public areas of campus housing (including Greek housing), and in other college buildings and/or on college property.
  • Possession of alcoholic beverage containers, full, partially full, or empty, will be presumed as use and possession.
  • Each resident is limited to two (2) guests of legal age when alcohol is present and being consumed in their residence hall room. A maximum of eight (8) people are permitted in rooms with an assigned occupancy of four residents or more.
  • ONE of the following alcohol types/amounts is acceptable, per resident (excluding guests), within a room at any given time:
    • One 12 pack– 12 oz. containers of beer/malted beverage or
    • One (1 L) bottle of wine or
    • One (0.5 L) bottle of spirits

Amounts of alcohol that exceed these limits will be considered a violation of college policy and all alcohol will be confiscated.

  • “Common Alcohol Sources” (well drinks, kegs, etc.) are prohibited.
  • Drinking games and funnels/bongs are prohibited.
  • Students are responsible for their own behavior as well as their guests’ behavior at all times. The possession and/or use of alcohol shall not impinge upon the freedoms and rights of other community members, roommates, residents in neighboring rooms, and other students, faculty, and/or staff.
  • Disruptive, destructive, threatening, harassing or other forms of adverse behavior related to the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is subject to disciplinary action and/or civil enforcement. The college reserves the right to request assistance from local law enforcement authorities in such matters.
  • Students may be held accountable for violation of the alcohol policy, even if they do not have actual possession of alcohol.
  • The possession, consumption, and/or distribution of alcoholic beverages at any on campus event are prohibited with the exception of the Football Tailgating Policy (see Football Tailgating Policy below).
  • RA’s in first-year halls are prohibited from consuming alcohol in their residence, even if of legal age. RAs may not drink when they are on-duty and responsible for carrying out specific job duties.

When, in the judgment of a College faculty/staff member, a student is transported to a local medical center for medical attention as a result of alcohol use, the involved student will be held responsible for all costs incurred. The College reserves the right to address any inappropriate behavior suspected as alcohol related that does not clearly fall within the aforementioned statements regarding alcohol use at William Jewell College.

Alleged alcohol policy violations will be handled as a violation of the College’s Standard of Conduct and will be adjudicated via the College’s disciplinary due process system outlined in the William Jewell College Student Handbook.

Football Tailgating Policy
For Cardinal fans, a clearly marked section of the White Science Center parking lot west of Greene Stadium will be reserved for guests for tailgating prior to football games. For the fans of the visiting teams, a clearly marked section of the parking lot east of the Mabee Center will be reserved for tailgating.

Please understand and adhere to the following guidelines when you tailgate:

  1. The sale of alcohol is prohibited anywhere on the William Jewell College campus.
  2. Open source containers (i.e. kegs, pony kegs, beer bongs/funnels) are prohibited.
  3. Alcohol is not to be served to anyone under the age of 21.
  4. No drinking games are allowed.
  5. Alcohol is not to be taken outside the marked tailgate area and is prohibited within Greene Stadium.
  6. Public intoxication is prohibited.
  7. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited beyond the conclusion of the game’s halftime activities. At the end of halftime, the tailgating area will be closed by College staff. Participants will be allowed to return to the tailgating area to pick up belongings at any time during the second half of the game or at the end of the game. The tailgating area must be cleaned up and vacated no later than one hour after the end of the game.

These guidelines have been established in consideration of the safety of all members of, and visitors to, the campus community. The tailgate area will be clearly marked and vehicular traffic will be controlled in that area.

Policy Implementation for Students and Guests

  1. In order to support the successful implementation of this policy:
    • Campus Safety will patrol campus parking lots, campus grounds and the stadium.
    • Uniformed officers will be present in the tailgate area to enforce the guidelines listed above.
    • Uniformed officers will enforce the ban on alcohol being taken into Greene Stadium. Bags, backpacks, and other articles will be checked upon entry to the stadium.
    • Individuals and/or groups who are approached by Campus Safety, other College staff or law enforcement officials must comply with the directions of these officials and produce an ID upon request. All violations of the alcohol policy will be documented and the alcohol will be confiscated. Students will be referred for disciplinary action.
  1. Any of the following behaviors will be addressed as appropriate by Campus Safety staff, designated College officials or uniformed officers:
  • Drinking in a non-designated area
  • Public intoxication
  • Providing alcohol to underage students
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Failure to comply with the directions of, or verbal abuse of, Campus Safety, College staff or law enforcement officials

Alcohol at Off-Campus Student Organization Events
Student organizations wishing to sponsor events where alcohol will be present must have their officers complete the College’s risk management documentation and application process and receive written approval from the Student Life Office fifteen (15) business days in advance of the event. Organizations must obtain written approval prior to scheduling the event and must adhere to any written mandates outlined within the notice of approval (See Guidelines for Hosting an Off-Campus Event That Includes Alcohol, in the William Jewell College Student Handbook for additional information).

Alcohol and Traveling with a Student Group/Organization
When student groups travel and represent William Jewell College at an official college-sponsored activity or athletic event, the use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited regardless of the age of the student(s) involved. Some off-campus college sponsored activities may be approved to have alcohol present. Those activities must be pre-approved by the appropriate College administrative office. Faculty and staff inquiring about such approval must first seek approval from the Dean/Vice President that supervises them.

Outcomes of Alcohol Policy Violations
Because of the nature of alcohol and its potentially negative effects on any community, it is important that College community members understand the criteria used to define alcohol policy violations. The sanctions outlined below serve as general guidelines for how alcohol policy violations will be adjudicated. The College reserves the right to consider each disciplinary case based upon its merits and its unique circumstances. Alcohol violations carry over each academic year. When a student violates the alcohol policy, sanctions will include but not be limited to a combination of the following:

1st Violation 2nd Violation 3rd Violation
$150 fine $250 fine $500 fine
Parent & Coach/Co-Curricular Advisor Notified Parent & Coach/Co-Curricular Advisor Notified Parent & Coach/Co-Curricular Advisor Notified
Alcohol Education Program Evaluation, Counseling Services Evaluation, Counseling Services
Evaluation, Counseling Services Restitution Hours – 25 Restitution Hours – 40
Restitution Hours – 15 Disciplinary Probation with Student Status Review *Loss of Privilege for the student’s remaining time at the College
Letter of Warning *Loss of Privilege, one year Suspension (partial or full)
*Loss of Privilege, 15 academic weeks Suspension (partial or full) Expulsion

*Loss of Privilege for underage students starts when the student turns 21 years of age.

The College reserves the right to notify the parents of underage students and students who violate the alcohol policy more than one time. Students will be notified of the College’s intent to contact their parents.

Alcohol Education Program
All new students are required to complete the College’s alcohol education program. This educational program provides students with an in-depth assessment of their personal use habits related to alcohol, as well as facts and data about alcohol use and abuse. The program provides students with confidential personal feedback (viewed only by the student, not available for review by College officials) based upon their own responses to questions, data, and facts such as:

  • Quantity and Frequency of Drinking, Caloric Intake
  • Amount Consumed and Peak BAC
  • Norm Comparisons
  • Amount and Percent of Income Spent on Alcohol
  • Tolerance Level
  • Negative Consequences of Alcohol Use
  • Personal Family Risk Score
  • Explanations, advice, and local referral information