Alcohol Policy – Students

Alcohol Policy – Students

Student Alcohol Policy
Effective: 8/1/17
Updated: 1/18/18
Contact: Office of the Student Life

All students are expected to adhere to all policies and laws related to the possession, consumption, and/or distribution of alcohol, as outlined in the William Jewell College Student Handbook and by the State of Missouri, Clay County, and the City of Liberty. The unlawful use, possession, purchase, and/or distribution of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on the William Jewell College campus.

As an institution of higher learning, we believe that each student in our community, who is of legal age, makes a personal and conscious choice regarding consumption of alcohol. This personal choice underscores the concept of individual freedom as well as the responsibility of each individual and the community as a whole. Students consuming alcohol, as well as those not consuming alcohol, always have the duty to respect the rights and freedoms of other community members.

Individuals living and learning at William Jewell College are expected to live and act responsibly. This responsibility includes individual choices about the possession and consumption of alcohol and accepting the consequences of those individual choices.

Goals of the Alcohol Policy
The Alcohol Policy will meet the following goals:

  • Comply with all College policies, as well as federal, state and local laws that regulate the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • Stress moderation, safety and individual accountability for those who choose to drink.
  • Maintain a social atmosphere that is free of coercion for those who choose not to drink and a climate in which alcohol is not the center of parties or other social events.
  • Maintain a community in which alcohol abuse and its effects are minimal.
  • Provide confidential and effective guidance and support for those with specific needs related to alcohol use and alcoholism.
  • Provide education on the usage of alcohol through a mandatory on-line program for all students.

Good Samaritan Policy
There may be times when safety concerns arise from a student’s excessive drinking and, in these situations, students should not hesitate to seek help from the Residence Life staff, Campus Safety and/or local or state police out of fear of College disciplinary action. Please refer to the Good Samaritan Policy for assurances to students obtaining and receiving assistance for the well-being, health or safety of self or another student.

Alcohol Education
William Jewell College is committed to educating students about the responsible use and the effects of alcohol so that students of legal drinking age may make informed decisions regarding their choice about whether to consume alcohol. Educational efforts include, but are not limited to, a mandatory on-line alcohol education course for all new students, periodic campus-wide alcohol education and awareness programs, student organization-sponsored initiatives, and educational outcomes for students who violate the College’s student alcohol policy.

Students who are of legal drinking age and who have completed the College’s required alcohol education program, a minimum of which includes the mandatory on-line alcohol education course, will have “A Approved” printed on the student ID.

General Rules
The following actions are prohibited in all settings on campus:

  1. Underage students consuming alcohol and/or possessing alcoholic beverage containers, full, partially full, or empty on the William Jewell College campus. Only persons of legal age, who have also completed a required alcohol education program, may possess or consume alcoholic beverages. Students must have a valid Jewell ID for legal proof of age and for evidence of completing Jewell’s required alcohol education program.
  2. Purchasing, serving or furnishing alcohol for or to a minor.
  3. Selling, manufacturing or distributing alcohol illegally.
  4. Possessing, producing or providing false identification to any College official.
  5. Providing or serving alcohol to anyone exhibiting signs of intoxication or who may be at risk, for any reason, by consuming alcohol.
  6. Disruptive, destructive, threatening, harassing or other forms of adverse behavior related to the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages will be subject to disciplinary action and/or civil enforcement. The College reserves the right to request assistance from local law enforcement authorities in such matters.
  7. The operation of a motorized vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Driving privileges may be suspended.
  8. Violating party regulations contained in this policy.
  9. Bringing alcohol to any Jewell event or leaving a Jewell event with alcoholic beverages provided at the event.
  10. Possessing alcoholic beverages in unauthorized spaces or buildings. Open containers of alcohol are prohibited in public spaces, or outside on campus grounds, unless the area has been designated for a registered event.
  11. Possession of alcohol in first-year residence halls.
  12. All alcohol use and possession in Shumaker Hall is prohibited per all sororities’ National/International policy.  Possession of alcoholic beverage containers—full, partially full, or empty—may be presumed as use and possession.
  13. Common alcohol sources (well drinks, kegs, etc.)
  14. Colored or opaque cups (i.e., red Solo cups, etc.); alcoholic beverages consumed from a source other than the original container must be in clear cups only
  15. Drinking games, funnels, bongs, etc. and any other behavior designed for the purpose of becoming intoxicated through the abusive use of alcohol.
  16. Providing alcohol to any individual against their will and/or without their knowledge.
  17. Consuming or providing alcohol during campus-wide events when alcohol is explicitly prohibited. Some examples of restrictions are any time during New Student Orientation, Greek Rush and Recruitment week/weekend and Bid Day, finals week, and all breaks when the residence halls are closed.
  18. Using College funds from the Student Activities Fee to purchase alcohol.

Special Rules for Hard Alcohol
“Hard alcohol” is defined as all alcohol and alcohol-containing beverages except beer, wine, champagne, and pre-made alcoholic drinks not made from distilled spirits. Hard alcohol may be consumed in residential rooms and in designated campus housing areas. Hard alcohol is prohibited at College-approved events.

Grain alcohol (95% alcohol by volume, or 180 proof) of any type is prohibited from campus at all times.

Alcohol in Private Spaces

  1. A “private space” is defined as a student’s room in campus housing.
  2. Participants in a gathering that takes place in a private space must abide by all rules outlined in this Alcohol Policy.
  3. Only students of legal drinking age may host a small gathering in their room and possess and consume alcohol.
  4. Persons under 21 years of age are not permitted to host events involving alcohol in their private space.

Alcohol in Semi-Private Spaces

  1. A “semi-private” space is defined as a designated space in upper-class campus housing that does not include the sleeping rooms.
  2. Designated semi-private spaces in upper-class housing, with clearly identified signage, where alcohol may be consumed informally include:
    • Semple Hall
    • Melrose Hall
    • Jones Hall
    • Senior House
    • FIJI House
    • KA House
    • LCA House
  3. Formal events are prohibited from being held in semi-private spaces.
  4. William Jewell prohibits any person from carrying open containers of alcohol outside the designated semi-private spaces.
  5. Alcoholic beverages consumed in semi-private spaces must be consumed directly from the original container, or from a clear cup (no colored or opaque cups).
  6. Participants in a semi-private space must abide by all rules outlined in this Alcohol Policy.

Alcohol in Semi-Public Spaces

  1. A “semi-public space” is defined as a designated space that does not fall within the category of a private, semi-private, or public space with a common set of rules.
  2. Semi-public spaces include the following locations:
    • Shumaker Multipurpose Room
    • Curry Hall (main floor)
    • Peters Theater Lobby
    • Pryor Center for Leadership Development
  3. Receptions may be hosted in semi-public spaces.
  4. Participants in a gathering that takes place in a semi-public space must abide by all rules outlined in this Alcohol Policy.
  5. Alcohol may only be served or consumed in designated semi-public spaces at a registered student event with prior approval from the Office of Student Life.
  6. William Jewell prohibits any person from carrying open containers of alcohol outside the designated area of an approved event.

Alcohol in Public Spaces

  1. A “public space” is defined as any location on campus that does not fall within the category of private, semi-private, or semi-public spaces as designated by this Policy.
  2. William Jewell prohibits any person from carrying open containers of alcohol in public spaces outside of approved designated public spaces where an approved event is held. See point 4 for information about designated public spaces where alcohol may be served or consumed.
  3. Alcohol may only be served or consumed in designated public spaces at a registered student event with prior approval from the Office of Student Life.
  4. The only designated public spaces where a student organization may register an event and where alcohol may be consumed include reserved spaces in Yates Gill College Union and pre-approved outside areas that meet at least the following guidelines:
    • Must have a clear entrance/exit for monitors
    • Must have clearly defined boundaries of the space
  5. Alcoholic beverages consumed in public spaces must be consumed directly from the original container, or from a clear cup (no colored or opaque cups).
  6. Alcohol may not be in any other public space.

Alcohol at Registered Events
Student organizations hosting an on-campus or off-campus registered event where alcoholic beverages are to be served must abide by all College policies, as well as all applicable federal, state, or local law.

  1. Registered events will be permitted to serve beer, wine, or champagne only.
  2. Student organizations fully recognized by the College and in good standing with their National/International organization and the College may register a student event that includes alcohol.
  3. Third party vendors, determined by and contracted with the College, and a cash bar are required for student organizations to host an event where alcohol is served on-campus.
  4. Third-party vendors, approved by the College, and a cash bar are required for student organizations to host an event where alcohol is served off-campus.
  5. All events need to be registered up to 21 business days in advance to secure a third party vendor and extra security (if necessary), and to ensure risk management measures are in place.
  6. The College’s process for contract approval for third party vendors on campus will be used for on-campus events. Under this process, the College’s CFO will negotiate and sign all contracts for student organizations hosting on campus events where alcohol is served.
  7. Advertising for the event may not make direct reference to alcoholic beverages or include pictures of alcoholic beverages. Advertising should, however, remind students to “please bring two forms of ID, one being your Jewell student ID”.
  8. Approved events will not feature alcohol as the event’s focal point, rather a supplement or enhancement to the event. The event must present an appealing alternative to alcohol.
  9. Event risk management is part of the paperwork of registering an event. If appropriate risk management measures are not clearly articulated in the registration form, the event will not be approved.
  10. Non-alcoholic drinks must be made available and accessible in quantity at least equal to that of the alcoholic beverages to be served.
  11. Food, in sufficient quantity, must be available for the number of guests anticipated whenever alcoholic beverages are to be served. Event planners must consult with the Office of Student Life to determine whether the quantities of food under consideration will be sufficient.
  12. Consumption of alcohol will be confined to the designated public place that has been reserved and approved for the function. The area where alcohol is to be consumed must be clearly marked and controlled with monitored entrances/exits. Any change in location requires filing an amended registration form. Open containers may not be carried from the event.
  13. An event’s host must not consume alcohol before or during the event and must remain sober for the duration of the event. At the discretion of the Office of Student Life, an event of sufficient size may be required to have multiple individuals fulfilling this and other host responsibilities.
  14. Attendance at registered College events is limited to Jewell students and their personally invited guests. Students and guests possessing alcoholic beverages must be prepared to show legal proof of age on request from event hosts, third-party vendors and College officials. Jewell students must always have their Jewell ID on hand to show those requesting valid identification. Guests should have a valid ID. The student bringing a guest is solely responsible for that guest and will be held accountable for their guest’s adherence to this and all other College policies. Students are limited to inviting and accompanying one non-Jewell guest to College events.
  15. A copy of the approved registration form must be present at the event.
  16. All registered events must take place within a three-hour timeframe. The College will consider events beyond three hours for special circumstances (i.e. Super Bowl watch party, etc.).
  17. The student organizations are responsible for assuring compliance with this policy. Campus Safety will be available to assist if necessary.
  18. If alcohol is in the possession of an event attendee who cannot provide proof of legal age, or if alcohol is being distributed to minors, representatives of the hosting organization must take appropriate action which includes confiscating the alcoholic beverage and/or discontinuance of service.
  19. College staff members may work in conjunction with the hosts to terminate the event if they determine that the event does not adhere to these regulations and/or the overall Alcohol Policy. However, conversation between staff members and hosts of the student organization will take place and a decision will be made, which will then be communicated by the organization’s hosts.
  20. All organizations sponsoring alcohol-related events are responsible for complying with the law and this policy, and are responsible for the good behavior of their members and guests. Failure to meet these requirements will lead to sanctions against the students or organization(s) involved.
  21. The area used for an activity must be cleaned by users immediately following the event unless an alternative written arrangement has been made. This includes removal of all alcohol from the event space. The hosting organization is responsible for any damages or cleaning expenses.

Confiscation of Alcoholic Beverages
College officials, including, but not limited to members of the College’s Student Life Office or Campus Security officers, may confiscate alcohol from:

  • Any person under 21 years of age
  • Any person distributing alcohol to any person under 21 years of age
  • An individual who cannot provide their validated Jewell student ID for proof of legal age
  • Any person who is distributing alcohol to any person who cannot provide a validated Jewell student ID for proof of age
  • Any person who is visibly intoxicated
  • Any person violating the College Alcohol Policy or federal, state, or local law
  • Any room or event where alcohol is present and College policy, federal, state, or local law is being violated.

Tailgate Policy
The College has a separate institutional tailgate policy that does not fall within the William Jewell College Student Alcohol Policy.