Dining Accommodation Request

Dining Accommodation Request

Disability Dining Accommodation Policy
Effective: 8/19/15
Updated: 10/27/17
Contact: 504 and Compliance Coordinator

William Jewell College is a residential college requiring mandatory on-campus living and dining for all students. This policy is grounded in both principal and economic practicality. Dining Services promotes health and wellness initiatives through the Be Healthy program. Dining Services helps students eat responsibly and make informed dining choices by providing healthy, well-balanced meals and nutritional information.

There may be an occasion when a student with a dietary or food related disability requires a modification or accommodation to his/her meal plan in order to access meals in the dining hall and participate in the dining plan program. Students may request an accommodation by enrolling and completing the iTunes U course entitled “Disability Services”. The enrollment code is CJN-ECR-CRA. Students can also complete the Request for Accommodation application found at www.jewell.edu/disabilityservices. If students prefer they can also call the 504 and Compliance Coordinator at 816-415-7556, or can inquire by email at henrymr@william.jewell.edu.  It is strongly advised that students submit their requests by June 1 for the Fall semester and October 1 for the Spring semester. Accommodation requests can take several weeks to be processed and for the student to be notified. Notification of the outcome of the request is made by the 504 and Compliance Coordinator via the student’s email account. While students do not have to re-qualify for any approved accommodations, students must continue to request their dining accommodation in writing to the 504 and Compliance Coordinator for every subsequent academic year that they are enrolled at the College. This is to ensure that the need for the accommodation for the upcoming academic year is still present and that a timely notification to Dining Services of this need is made by the 504 and Compliance Coordinator.

Campus Residency Policy Exemption Application
Students who wish to request an exemption to the campus residential policy (for elimination of the meal plan) for medical/health reasons, financial hardship, or extenuating circumstance may do so by completing the Campus Residency Policy Exemption application found here: https://williamjewell.formstack.com/forms/untitled_form_48  These applications are received by the Director of Residence Life and are reviewed by the Campus Residency Appeals Committee.

William Jewell College has a procedure in place for students who would like to request an accommodation change, adjustment, or to report difficulty with a current accommodation either in the residence hall, dining hall, or on campus. This information is available at www.jewell.edu/disabilityservices under Grievance Procedures.