Good Samaritan

Good Samaritan

Good Samaritan Policy
Effective: 8/1/17
Contact: Office of Student Life

This policy is intended to encourage students to seek swift medical assistance for themselves and others without fear of penalty. Our primary concern is the health and safety of our students. Students should take care of their own personal well-being, and should also show the same level of care for their peers by being an active bystander.

There may be times when safety concerns arise. In these situations, students should not hesitate to seek help from the College’s Residence Life staff, WJC Campus Safety personnel, and/or local or state police out of fear of College disciplinary action. Under this policy, neither the student in distress nor the student or organization seeking assistance will ordinarily be subject to disciplinary action from the College under the Standard of Conduct.

This policy refers to isolated incidents only and does not excuse or protect students who flagrantly or repeatedly violate the Standard of Conduct or engage in intentional misconduct that puts the health and safety of others at risk. This policy does not preclude disciplinary action that may arise from violation of other College policies.

In cases involving the violation of policies other than the Standard of Conduct, the College will consider the positive impact of reporting an incident as well as the health and safety needs of the involved student(s) when determining the appropriate course of action.