Standard of Conduct

Standard of Conduct

Standard of Conduct
Updated: 6/30/16
Contact: Student Life Office

Standard of Conduct
It is important that students know College policy and understand expectations. Living responsibly in community with constant interaction requires reasonable regulation. These standards reflect the college’s responsibility to provide a safe and healthy living and learning experience.

Standards 1-3 respond to Jewell’s Honor Code. Please refer to the Honor Code at the beginning of this chapter for information regarding the Honor Code Process and Procedures. Infraction charges of Standards 1-3 are subject to review by both the Honor Code and the Standard of Conduct Review Processes.

William Jewell College has established the following guidelines of student conduct that are inconsistent with the values of William Jewell College and the institution’s philosophy of living responsibly in community.

  1. Dishonesty or knowingly providing false information to the college.
  2. Theft of, misuse of, or damage to college or personal property by a member of the college community or campus visitors; possession of stolen property.
  3. Forgery, alteration or misuse of college documents, records or identification.
  4. Impeding or interfering with students’ right to a high-quality educational experience.
  5. Disorderly, lewd, indecent, or obscene conduct on college-owned property or at college-sponsored functions.
  6. Conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person, including one’s self.
  7. Physical abuse of any person on college-owned or controlled property or at college-sponsored or supervised functions.
  8. Use, possession, or distribution of narcotic or dangerous drugs, such as marijuana, steroids, or cocaine, except as expressly permitted by law.
  9. Violation of College’s alcohol policy (see the Student Handbook for the complete policy).
  10. Unauthorized entry to, use of or exit from college facilities.
  11. Misuse or abuse of fire safety equipment including fire alarms, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers.
  12. Violation of rules governing residence in college-owned or controlled property.
  13. Failure to comply with directions of college officials acting in the performance of their duties.
  14. Conduct that adversely affects the student’s suitability as a member of the academic community.

The College reserves the right to address inappropriate behavior that does not clearly fall within an identified Standard of Conduct. Residential students should also refer to Policies and Procedures for Residence Hall Living.

Any alleged violation of Title IX policy will be referred directly to the Title IX Coordinator.

Good Samaritan Policy
All members of the William Jewell College community should refer any person whose safety or well-being is at risk to the Office of Student Life. Students referring anyone for assistance may be designated as “Good Samaritans.” If it is determined that the referring student was acting in the best interest of the referred, the referring student will be precluded from disciplinary action.