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Screen_Shot_20120907_at_3.59.00_PMThe interdisciplinary major in Nonprofit Leadership is designed to prepare you for a career in the nonprofit sector. The major builds on the Academic Core Curriculum and leads to a BA degree. We encourage you to choose a second language related to your nonprofit interests for the language requirement. If you earn a BS degree in conjunction with the first major, you may earn a second major in Nonprofit Leadership by fulfilling the academic core requirements for the BS degree and all nonprofit major requirements.

If you choose to minor in Nonprofit Leadership, you will major  in other areas but likely will have an interest in the nonprofit world, with representative  organizations such as hospitals, human service organizations, international   nongovernmental organizations and many others.

View the course requirements and descriptions in the 2017-18 Course Catalog.

If you are interested in the Nonprofit Leadership Major, Minor or the Nonprofit Leadership Certificate,  email  Dr. Thomas Vansaghi or call 816-415-7513 for more information.