Recreation and Athletics

The mission of the Recreation and Athletics Department is to be an integral part of the education process at William Jewell College by supporting the development of the “whole person”—physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual. The department’s aim is to improve students through the medium of physical and sport activities that support this mission. You will have opportunities for professional preparation with leaders in recreation and athletics.

Goals for Student Learning
Our graduates will be able to:

  • facilitate lifelong learning in a world of change.
  • confront the challenges of tomorrow.
  • exhibit leadership skills in order to affect decisions that will encourage the acquisition of health and other behaviors leading to an active, productive, and healthy lifestyle.

Majors and Minors
The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in recreation and sport prepares you for careers in a wide variety of settings, such as public park and recreation departments, community centers, fitness facilities, personal fitness trainers, corporate recreation, church recreation, nonprofit recreation centers and sport-related activities in non-school settings. You will need to complete the following for this major:

  • a performance portfolio, with further instruction available from your departmental academic advisor.
  • a departmental junior review (after you have completed 75 hours and before completing 90 hours). At this time an initial review of your performance portfolio will occur.
  • a senior oral exit exam will take place after your complete 105 hours and prior to graduation.

The department also offers two minors:

  • coaching and performance enhancement
  • recreation and sport

The minors provide the flexibility and diversity for you to pursue a specific career interest in Coaching and Performance Enhancement or Recreation and Sport while also providing the breadth to adapt these interests to a variety of markets. The minors strengthen your academic preparation and enhance career options, regardless of your major. A major in Business Administration or Organizational Communication is recommended with these minors.

For additional course details, see the 2016-2017 Course Catalog.