Computation of Grade Point Average (GPA)
(Cumulative or Major)
Following are grade point values used in the William Jewell College grading system:

Effective Fall 2003
A+ / A
= 4.0
= 2.0
= 3.7
= 1.7
= 3.3
= 1.3
= 3.0
= 1.0
= 2.7
= 0.7
= 2.3
= 0.0
Prior to Fall 2003
A = 4.0
B = 3.0
C = 2.0
D = 1.0
F = 0.0

Following are grades NOT used in computing GPAs:

IP – In Progress WD – Withdrew from the College
PR – Progress P – Pass
R – Repeated FA – Fail (“Pass/Fail”)
I – Incomplete NR – Not Reported
W – Withdrew AU – Audit
Steps to Figure Cumulative (or Major) GPA:

  1. Total Grade Points: Using the above scale, add all grade points for grades to be included. (Do not include grades listed above.)
  2. Total Hours Attempted: Add all hours attempted, not including any grades of P (Pass), as there are no points associated with these hours. (No points are given for “Pass” hours when computing GPA, even though credit is received for these hours. This includes courses taken “Pass/Fail,” as well as labs and PED activity courses.)
  3. Grades of “F” negatively affect the GPA and are counted in Total Hours Attempted, even though there are no Hours Completed.
  4. Repeated Courses: Use only the grade for the last semester when computing both Grade Points and Hours Attempted. (Students may not receive credit twice for the same course and are expected to submit a Repeat of Course form to the Office of the Registrar when registering again for the same course. Students are required to repeat courses required for the major in which the grade is “D” or “F”.)
  5. For Cumulative GPA: Divide the Total Grade Points by the Total Hours Attempted.
  6. For Major GPA, use this same formula based only on courses listed within your major(s), instead of all courses taken.
Plus/Minus (+/-) System Update: The new grade scheme incorporating pluses and minuses (+ / -) into the computation of students’ GPAs went into effect Fall Semester 2003. Plus and minus designations not only appear on student transcripts, but they now also affect GPAs accordingly.

This change affects only coursework beginning Fall 2003. Grades earned before Fall 2003 are not recalculated; therefore, coursework/GPAs to that point are not affected by this change.

If you need assistance, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 816-415-5979, Main Floor of Curry Hall, 9:00-4:00, Monday through Friday. Your semester and cumulative GPAs are available in this office at all times; however, grades and GPA information cannot be given by telephone. Transcript Requests must be made in writing (signature required) — please allow 48 hours for processing of transcripts.