Please note registration on MyJewell will begin at 10 p.m.

Student Responsibility: It is the student’s responsibility to comply with posted registration policies and other regulations in the Jewell Catalog and to enroll in courses appropriate for meeting requirements. All students must read and agree to abide by these Registration Policies & Procedures from the Office of the Registrar in order to register for courses. Failure to do so may result in removal of registration from some or all courses.

Following are general registration policies and procedures that apply to every semester. For more specific information, please refer to the specific document entitled Registration Policies & Procedures which is posted on MyJewell and emailed to students each semester.

Financial Holds:  Students with financial holds will not be allowed to register until the issues with their accounts are resolved. Be sure to check your account status with the Business Office before your registration date in case further action is required to ensure that you have a “green light” on your Financial Account on MyJewell (Are You Ready to Register?). If yellow or red, see the Business Office in advance.

Advising Restriction:  Students must meet with their academic advisor prior to registration on MyJewell. An “advising restriction” has been placed on all students’ accounts.  Until this hold has been released by the advisor, the student will not be allowed to register for classes. The hold is normally released when students meet with advisors to plan class schedules for registration.

Block Schedule: A printable version of the Block Schedule is on Jewell Central and on Jewell’s website. This is a handy tool to use in “mapping out” schedules to be sure there are no time conflicts among the courses selected.

Registration Schedule: A schedule is posted each semester indicating when each classification of students will be allowed to register (Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, First-Years). Students should refer to the posted schedule specific to the upcoming semester to determine their date of registration. This date can also be found on MyJewell, click on Are You Ready to Register?

Submitting Forms to Registrar:  All supplemental forms are now on Etrieve for students to access, including: Drop/Add—Permission to Enroll, Independent Study/Internship, Pass/Fail, Resolution of Scheduling Conflict, and Repeat of Course. Please note that the Independent Study/Internship form must be initiated by the INSTRUCTOR, not the student. These Etrieve forms are to be submitted after completion of registration on MyJewell for all other classes.

Dropping/Adding Classes: While students may continue to add courses to their upcoming schedules using MyJewell until classes begin for that semester, students may not drop courses using MyJewell. To drop a course from any schedule, students should use the Etrieve form, Drop/AddPermission to Enroll. Once submitted, this form is routed to the instructor and advisor for approvals before being sent to the Registrar’s Office for processing. If dropping below full-time, the form will be routed to Financial Aid (and Athletics, if applicable) before processing by the Registrar.

Permission to Enroll (for Classes marked Requires Consent and for Closed Classes): Students will not be able to register via MyJewell for courses shown with a “Requires Consent” notation. For permission to enroll in such classes, students must use the Drop/Add—Permission to Enroll form on Etrieve. For requesting permission to enroll in a “closed class”, the same Etrieve form must be used.

Course OverloadMyJewell will not allow students to enroll in more than 18 hours. Any hours over 18 are considered overload and must be approved by the Provost. Overload charges will apply to any total enrollment over 18 credit hours. To request permission to enroll in more than 18 hours, students must submit their request to add a specific class using the Drop/Add—Permission to Enroll form on Etrieve. The form will be routed to the Provost for approval after the instructor and advisor have approved it. If the overload is approved by the Provost, the form will be sent to the Registrar’s Office for processing. Tip: If you plan to enroll in more than 18 hours, leave off of your registration any course that requires special permission or is least likely to close, and enroll through MyJewell in all courses that do not require special approval. Then submit a Drop/Add—Permission to Enroll form on Etrieve to enroll in that specific course to be routed through the proper channels for approval.

Summer Overload: For Summer classes, students may not enroll in more than 9 hours without the approval of the Provost. Students should use the Etrieve form, Request to Register for Summer Overload to seek this approval.

Independent Study/Internship: This Etrieve form is used for both independent studies and internships. This form must be initiated by the instructor (not the student), and is then routed to the student for approval, then to the advisor and the Registrar for approval and processing. Students may NOT enroll through MyJewell for independent studies or internships.

Pass/Fail:  Requests to take a course “pass/fail” must be made using the Etrieve form after enrolling in the course. This form must be submitted by the end of the first week of classes, which is also the last day to register or add classes (except for second-seven-weeks).

Repeat of Course:  Students repeating a course must submit the Etrieve Repeat of Course form to ensure that the repeated course is reflected properly on the student’s academic record. Only courses with a grade below C- may be repeated to replace a grade in the calculation of the GPA.

Conflicts in Schedule:  Students may not enroll on MyJewell in courses with conflicting times/days, even if they overlap by only a few minutes.  Rare exceptions will require submission of the Etrieve form, Resolution of Scheduling Conflict, which is routed to all instructors and the Provost for approval. Students should first enroll through MyJewell in the course most likely to close or in the course needed most and then should submit the required Etrieve form for further approval.

Variable Credit: For variable credit courses (music ensembles, internships, etc.), MyJewell will default to the lowest number of credit hours unless you enter a higher number in the Credits column.

Automatic Waitlist Courses: This Automatic Waitlist feature will automatically offer the student the option to waitlist for a course that is closed, if the course shows the notation Automatic Waitlist Option offered when closed. Students must click “Yes” when this option appears in order to be added to the waitlist. Names are added to the waitlist in the order received. Students are notified via email when they are eligible to enroll in a waitlisted course, and are given two (2) days to respond, either by enrolling on MyJewell, or by notifying the Registrar’s Office if a course must be dropped from the student’s schedule in order to be enrolled from the waitlist. If the deadline to enroll is missed, the next student on the waitlist will be offered the course, so it is extremely important for students to check email regularly when waitlisted for a course.

Technical Difficulty: If you encounter technical difficulty while registering, contact the Registrar’s Office. If the problem cannot be resolved at the Registrar’s Office, a staff member will escalate the problem to the proper I.T. staff member.  Students should not contact Information Services directly.  A member of the Registrar’s staff will gladly register students at the counter, if problems cannot be readily rectified.

It is against College policy to abuse the online registration process in any way, which includes enrolling in courses for the purpose holding space in a particular class for another student or to over-enroll in courses to hold space with the intent of dropping a course later. Students who do not adhere to Registration Policies & Procedures are subject to loss of online registration privileges in addition to possible administrative changes in the student’s registration.