Please note: Online payment does not serve as a transcript request. You must submit a signed Transcript Request by fax, mail, scanned email, or in person to request a transcript.  Please read all details below thoroughly to ensure that your request is properly submitted.

Transcripts for current or former students will be provided upon receipt of a written request, with the proper signature (required by Federal law–FERPA) and proper payment.  Requests may be made either in person, by mail, by fax, or scan and email (telephone requests cannot be accepted).  For your convenience, the Transcript Request form provided here may be printed, completed and signed, then mailed, faxed, or scanned and emailed with proper payment.  If faxing or emailing your request, you must pay online with your credit card or debit card, and fax or scan and email your printed payment confirmation with your request.  We invite you to use our Transcript Request Center to access the Transcript Request form to print and sign, and then to pay online with your credit card or debit card.  (Click on link below after reading these instructions.)  Email your scanned signed request to

Please note: Transcripts will not be issued for former students who still have a financial obligation to the College. The request and payment will be returned/refunded, with a letter or email explaining the problem and stating that, once the account is cleared, the transcript request must be resubmitted with payment.  This will delay processing since you must resubmit your request.  If you think you may have a financial hold, please contact the Business Office at 816-415-5989 before submitting your request.Transcript requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Please allow 2 to 3 business days (from date received) for processing. At peak times (registration, graduation, first and last weeks of semesters, etc.), the turn-around time may be longer. There is a charge of $5 for each transcript requested (whether official or unofficial).  (No charge for currently enrolled students.)
Rush Service: Any request for processing within 24 hours generates an additional $10 Rush Fee. Rush orders with proper payment will be processed by the next business day (based on receipt of request).  This is a processing fee–NOT rush mail service.  No overnight or express mail service is available.  Transcripts processed with rush service are still sent via regular U.S. mail.
Faxing transcripts:  Faxed transcripts are typically deemed “unofficial” by educational institutions, employers, etc., so be sure the recipient has agreed to accept a faxed transcript before ordering a transcript to be faxed.  An additional $5 Fax Fee is charged for faxing a transcript (total $10 for processing and faxing).
Acceptable forms of payment: Cash, Check or Money Order (made payable to William Jewell College), Online Payment with Credit Card or Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover).   We must have your signed Transcript Request, regardless of payment method.

If you cannot download the Transcript Request form, you may send your own written request and payment with the required information listed below.  (Request forms are also available at the Registrar’s counter located in Curry Hall.)  The following information must be included on all transcript requests:

  • Full name (include all names under which you may have been registered at WJC, i.e., maiden name, married name, etc.).  Name on transcript will be the same as the name on your official College record.  (Proper name change documentation must be submitted in order to make name changes on the official record–seeName/Address Change.)
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Year last attended (or current student)
  • Current address and phone number (in case we need to reach you)
  • Number of transcripts needed (designate number of official and number of unofficial)
  • Name of institution or organization and address where transcript is to be sent (complete mailing address required). It is also helpful to include a recipient’s name or department, if available.
  • If a transcript is to be sent to you and needs to be “official” for the purpose of submitting elsewhere, please request an “official” transcript. Do not open the envelope with the stamp over the seal when you receive it.Most institutions and employers will not accept a transcript issued to the student if it has been opened.
  • Signature (required by Federal law) – Transcript requests without proper signature will not be processed.  It is against the law to order a transcript for another person or to sign another person’s name on such request.

Now, visit our Transcript Request Center  to:

  1. download the Transcript Request form, fill it out, and SIGN IT! (click on link on left side of next page)
  2. pay online for your transcript(s) with a credit card or debit card, required if faxing or emailing your request (click on Register for Free Now on right side of next page)
  3. print your Receipt for online payment to send with your request form
  4. submit both your signed Transcript Request and your Receipt for online payment by fax, scanned email, or mail

IMPORTANT REMINDER:  You must submit both your signed Transcript Request and your receipt for online payment with your order.  Online payment without submission of signed request does NOT serve as a transcript request.  (If you prefer not to pay online, you must mail your request with a check or money order, or you may order in person if that is convenient.)  Without a signed request, we cannot process transcripts!

Transcript Request Center  

If mailing your request, send transcript requests to:
Office of the Registrar, Box #1025
Attn: Transcript Request
William Jewell College
500 College Hill
Liberty, MO 64068

If emailing your scanned request, send it to:

If faxing your request, send it to:  816-415-5005