Religion and Culture

Religion and Culture

Gain an in-depth understanding of religion as a significant part of the human experience, while shaping and being shaped by cultures and worldviews.

Learn the sacred scriptures, history and tenets of major world religions. You will take an in-depth look at the histories, beliefs and scriptures of Judaism and Christianity and Islam. As a religion and culture major, you will learn to think critically about how religion interacts with the larger society, in dialogue with science, culture and politics. You’ll examine how religion both affirms human dignity and challenges structures that would diminish it.

Sustainable Change

Alexandrea Dressman used her Journey Grant to live and serve with Honduran families to improve quality of life in their remote village.

Student Ministries

Be a part of a team of student leaders directing service projects, organizing worship and providing ministry and other special programs.

Undergraduate Research

Work with faculty to present original research at a campus Colloquium Day, regional conferences or honor society theology competitions.


Religion and Culture

Caroline Wells lived with a host family while studying in Costa Rica. “It was so valuable to hear the stories of marginalization and oppression from those directly affected. From my experiences in Costa Rica and on The Hill, I realized the immense importance of leaving the things you know to discover what you don’t.”