Residence halls officially open Saturday, August 20 at 8:00 am for the fall semester.  All students moving into campus housing will follow the procedures below.  This process works well and insures we get people to their buildings quickly and efficiently.

Arrive on campus at the main entrance of the college (off Mill Street). Staff will direct you to a designated parking space in the commuter parking lot, depending upon which building the student is moving into on-campus. Students moving into one of the fraternity houses or Semple, Jones or Melrose Halls will be directed by staff directly to their building and won’t be held in the Commuter Lot.

Residents of Browning, Eaton and Ely Halls

Vehicles are held in the Commuter Lot due to limited parking outside of these residential facilities.  As parking is available, cars are directed to the appropriate residence hall in the order which they arrive on campus.  While waiting in the Commuter Lot, you can enjoy refreshments, doughnuts and the company of other families and new students. Staff is present for any questions or concerns.

Once parked in front of your designated building to unload your vehicle, the student needs to go into the main lobby of the building and check-in with staff.  When the student completes this initial check-in, they will be greeted by current Jewell students to help unload all personal items quickly and take them to your assigned room.  Please unload but do not begin unpacking yet.  Return to your vehicle and park it in the nearest residence hall parking lot or at the Mabee Center parking lot.  Once you have moved your vehicle from the front of your residence hall, you can return to your room and begin unpacking.  The unloading process should take no more than 15 minutes per vehicle and allows for the rest of the students and their families to get unloaded in a timely manner as well.

For those needing additional assistance, a Jewell van or golf cart will be available to transport family members back from the outer parking lots.  Please ask any staff member directing traffic for assistance.