At Jewell, you may choose a self-designed major specifically tailored to your academic interests and professional goals. A self-designed major is ideal when existing courses from two or more fields of study can be combined to create a customized program, or when you want to master subjects that require a different approach than existing structured majors.

A faculty advisor will help you create a plan of study that will result in completion of either a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science degree. Your proposed major must match the rigor of Jewell’s existing major programs and reflect our vision of a liberal arts education. After Jewell’s Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee and the Provost have the plan, you may begin charting your own path.

While a self-designed major ought to be creative and reflect an individual’s goals, following are examples of fields in which former students designed their own majors:

  • kinesiology
  • entrepreneurship/Japanese
  • exercise science
  • aesthetic textile design
  • international business/Chinese
  • art history
  • arts management
  • communication disorders
  • music conducting
  • religion-gender studies
  • jazz studies
  • classics
  • health administration
  • business engineering
  • Asian studies

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