The Service-Learning Program is a series of electives open to all students designed to encourage students to learn and develop through active involvement in organized community service. Students participate in experiential learning in the community to enhance what is taught in the classroom. In each course students encounter human needs, analyze the conditions creating problematic situations, perform actual service, and evaluate the service activity.

In addition, the service learning experiences provide students with opportunities to use newly acquired knowledge and skill in real life situations. Students interested in discussing and better understanding human needs and suffering through a variety of service opportunities, programs, and ministries are encouraged to take service learning classes. Each class will emphasize serving, reading, reflection, and writing.

Students may complete the Service-Learning Certificate Program by completing the three courses listed below. (A student may substitute two general education level II classes with a service learning component for SVL 201.)
Information about the program may be obtained from Dr. Andy Pratt via e-mail at or by phone at 816-415-7557.

101 – Meeting Human Needs and Alleviating Suffering (2 cr. hrs.)
This course examines a variety of human and social conditions that disrupt healthy, joyful, meaningful, and satisfying lives. Various community-based services will be explored to better understand their strategies and impact on meeting human needs. Special attention will be given to career and volunteer opportunities in the non-profit sector of society. Students will be involved in group and individual community service during the semester. This course will satisfy a number of American Humanics competencies. No prerequisite.

201 – Strategies and Resources for Meeting Human Needs (2 cr. hrs.)
A variety of strategies and resources will be examined about helping people who experience heightened need and injustice. Special attention will be given to various perspectives about service through the study of non-profit organizations, (Habitat for Humanity), individual service models (Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dorothy Day), and students’ individual strengths and resources. Students will be involved in group and individual community service during the semester. Prerequisite: SVL 101 or permission of the instructor.

301 – Service Learning Internship (2 cr. hrs.)
This internship allows students to become engaged in community service pertaining to a social concern of their own choice. Interns will work directly for a minimum of 80 clock hours with a non-profit agency or organization toward fulfilling defined learning competencies. Internships may also include certain international or domestic service learning trips. Students need to make appropriate arrangements to set up the internship the semester prior to beginning. This course will emphasize reflecting, reading and writing about the internship experience. Prerequisite: SVL 101 and SVL 201; or permission of the instructor.