As an opportunity for academic enrichment and personal growth, William Jewell recognizes that study abroad promotes the development of critical thinking, self-reflection and cross-cultural skills students continue to utilize long after they’ve returned home.

Semester and Year-Long Study
For semester and year-long study, William Jewell offers its students a list of quality study-abroad programs that are neither owned nor operated by Jewell, but which have been reviewed and approved by Jewell faculty and staff for academic rigor and good student service. Students who opt to study abroad for a semester or full academic year, must select one of these college-approved programs. If you are interested in a program that does not appear on Jewell’s approved list, please visit the Center for Global Studies and Journey Grants to discuss your options. While studying abroad, semester and full-year students remain enrolled at Jewell and earn Jewell credit toward major/minor, core curriculum or elective requirements. All grades earned while abroad are calculated in the Jewell GPA.

Summer and Winter Study
Short-term summer and winter programs are an excellent option for students with rigid academic schedules or student athletes who need to remain on campus during the semester.  Students opting to study abroad during the summer or winter break are not restricted to the list of college-approved programs, though many of these programs do offer summer or winter options. Coursework completed during a short-term, study-abroad program may be approved for transfer credit by submitting an Approval for Non-WJC Coursework form.