Students who choose to study abroad for either a semester or full academic year, must first obtain Jewell approval to study off-campus and then apply for acceptance by their selected program.

The application deadline for semester or year-long study during the 2018-19 academic year is January 26, 2018.

Your application should include:

You will be contacted via email in mid-February with an application decision. If approved, your email will include instructions for the second step of the application process: submitting your application to the program provider. In most cases, program applications and completion instructions can be found on the program’s websites. Be sure to submit your program application by the program’s deadline. The final admission decision will be made by your selected program.

For Summer or Winter Study
Students studying with a short-term summer or winter program are not required to obtain Jewell approval to study off-campus and should not complete an Application for Approval to Study Abroad. You will, however, need to complete the Approval for Non-WJC Coursework form (available from either the Center for Global Studies and Journey Grants or the Office of the Registrar) if you want to receive academic credit for your work. To receive credit, your study-abroad transcript must either a) include only coursework that is also offered as part of an approved semester program, or b) be issued by an accredited higher education institution. If you are studying with a third-party, study-abroad provider (such as IES, CIEE, AIFS, etc.), and your coursework is not also offered as part of a Jewell-approved semester program, you may need to request a transcript through the provider’s school of record. The Center for Global Studies and Journey Grants can help you determine whether you will need to request a school of record transcript.