As a Transfer Student, we want to make certain you feel right at home, right away. Our committed faculty and staff, small class sizes, strong advising, and excellent job placement resources are just a few of the ways we strive to make certain you have a great transfer experience.

If you have questions about applying for admission, Transfer Scholarships, or transferring courses, please contact:

Daniel Ramirez
(816) 415-7507

About Transferring to Jewell

Who qualifies as a transfer student at Jewell? Typically, a transfer student is someone who, after graduating from high school, has completed at least 12 transferable hours of college credit.

Course Equivalency Agreements with Other Colleges
William Jewell College has several equivalency agreements with schools around the Kansas City Metro Area and accredited colleges throughout the United States. Equivalency guides will be helpful to students who are thinking of transferring to William Jewell College and need assistance in determining how their completed coursework will transfer.

If you attend an institution not listed, and/or if you would like to have Jewell evaluate your college credits for transfer, please contact the Admission Counselor for Transfer and International Students.

William Jewell College Equivalency Guides:


Articulation Agreements for the Metropolitan Community College System
William Jewell College has many departmental articulation agreements with the Metropolitan Community College system. Each Articulation Agreement which shows side by side the Associate’s Degree requirements and their William Jewell College equivalents. Articulation Agreements will be helpful to students who are thinking of transferring to William Jewell College and need assistance in choosing courses to make a smooth transition to their Jewell major.

Please click here to view the articulation agreements.

Additional Information: