Tucker Leadership Lab is one of the premiere team building and leadership development challenge courses in the Midwest with over 100,000 participants served since our inception in 2000 and a highly trained staff with 100 plus combined years of facilitation experience. We have served hundreds of local businesses, schools, churches and sports teams throughout the Midwest. We work with teams from all walks of life to create better leaders and more cohesive teams, and we help foster an environment of team growth and personal development.

Our mission
To develop leaders in the community by inviting teams to take risks and grow together through practical application of leadership and team development skills on our outdoor challenge course.

Our history
Tucker Leadership Lab was created through the capstone legacy project of the Pryor Leadership Fellows Class of 2000. They were inspired by their challenge course experience during an Outward Bound Everglades trip. This experience was so influential in developing them as leaders and in binding them together as a team that they wanted to open the opportunity for this kind of growth to the Liberty/Kansas City area as well. What began as a small project of creating a portable Quest Course — a low-challenge course — quickly blossomed into a multi-faceted, experiential education powerhouse that we now know as the Tucker Leadership Lab.

The original design included several low-challenge course structures, the Outlook Tower, an outdoor climbing wall and an individual traversing high-challenge course known as the Cardinal Course. All was going well until the Liberty tornado of 2003 struck. The Outlook Tower was undamaged, even though two large trees on either side were destroyed. But the climbing wall laid on its side and the Cardinal Course was damaged beyond repair. The bright spot in the midst of the destruction was that during the few short years of Tucker’s operation, the original design company, Alpine Towers Inc., had created a new design for a team high-challenge course. Within a few short months after the tornado, the Odyssey high-challenge course was open. The addition of the Odyssey Course has given a new dimension to provide a fuller team experience now available to Tucker Leadership Lab groups.