Mission Statement
William Jewell College establishes the Center for Justice and Sustainability in order to develop in its students the commitment, competence, and confidence to address significant societal, economic, and ecological challenges facing society.


  1. For William Jewell, a liberal arts education means building a foundation that helps students grapple with life’s difficult questions and greatest challenges. Through critical thought and inquiry, students examine their role in the world and what to do with their lives.
  2. To have real meaning, education must take students beyond thinking and inquiring, and to action. William Jewell uniquely prepares individuals to spend their lives playing an active role in their communities by creating opportunities to actually apply what they have learned through critical thought and inquiry. In other words, the Center will cultivate actionable thoughts and thoughtful action for the sake of our community, broadly defined.
  3. The Center for Justice and Sustainability is a natural manifestation of the current William Jewell educational experience. The Center is the base around which the College’s many groups and organizations join together and gather resources for the work of justice and sustainability.

Relation to William Jewell College Mission Statement
William Jewell College promises students an outstanding liberal arts education that cultivates leadership, service, and spiritual growth within a community inspired by Christian ideals and committed to open, rigorous intellectual pursuits.

The Center for Justice and Sustainability at William Jewell College is at the heart of the College’s mission to cultivate leadership, service, and spiritual growth. The Center’s role in this mission is to raise awareness of social, economic, and ecological challenges within our world in order to invite students to spend their lives creating solutions to these complex and interconnected issues.

The Center for Justice and Sustainability at William Jewell College will be the Midwest’s preeminent Center for thought and action related to ecological, economic, and social issues. The Center will be:

  • a hub for academicians and practitioners to discuss solutions to the major challenges of our time;
  • an incubator for student- and community-led initiatives to tackle these significant issues; and
  • a catalyst for partnership and dialogue among a variety of stakeholders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.