New Student Orientation is William Jewell College’s introduction to college life. The four-day event takes place immediately before classes begin. It is designed to acquaint new students with campus organizations, activities, facilities, faculty, staff and new classmates. Beyond the introductions most college orientations provide, William Jewell Orientation immerses students in the deeper aspects of the college’s mission, involving students in a workshop on leadership, preparation for class work, and community service activities.

In reality, Orientation begins weeks before college starts with William Jewell’s Mentor program. Through an intensive application and interview process, current students with an interest in helping new students transition to college are selected to be mentors. They are then trained in helping meet the needs of new students. During the summer, each mentor is assigned to approximately 6-8 incoming first-year students, and is in frequent contact with those students to answer questions and address concerns. First-year students and mentors participate in Orientation together, assuring that new students are not without a friendly and helpful presence throughout the event. Mentors remain in contact with new students during first semester.

Questions? Contact Mary Dickerson, First-Year Experience Director, at 816-415-5299.