Hall Family Foundation Summer Academic Enrichment Program

From studying public health in South Africa to getting instruction from internationally renowned flutists in Switzerland, Jewell students may part in horizon-expanding summer journeys through this program.

The Hall Family Foundation Summer Academic Enrichment Program is an endowed program unique to Jewell that provides financial support for summer academic enrichment opportunities not available on the Jewell campus. Students complete a competitive funding application for individual awards of up to $5,000 which are available to all Jewell students in good standing prior to their senior year. Activities eligible for funding include intensive summer study-abroad programs, workshops, intensive summer courses, conferences relating to the student’s academic major, programs providing advanced training in the student’s field of study and research opportunities at other institutions. The focus is on academic rather than work-related experience, so internship-only experiences are excluded. The grants fund intensive off-campus academic experiences rather than service or humanitarian projects. 


  • Activities are academic rather than work experience related (i.e. internship-only experiences are excluded for eligibility)
  • Activities are off-campus 
  • International experiences and domestic experiences that include an international student body are given preference over domestic experiences
  • Preference is given to experiences that will position the student for being a candidate for a prestigious national or international award later