Any non-senior Jewell student in good standing may apply for a Hall enrichment grant. The deadline for submitting applications is February 1 of the same year the summer funding is requested.

Criteria for Selection:

  1. The activity demonstrates enhancement and challenge to educational goals.
  2. The activity is not available through normal William Jewell College opportunities.
  3. The activity is completed between the end of the spring term and the beginning of classes of the following fall term.
  4. The activity is not merely an internship or work experience.
  5. The activity demonstrates a contribution to the student’s achievement reflective of the College’s mission.
  6. Application materials are complete (including application and all supporting materials) and submitted by the Application Deadline (see above).

Recipient Accountability:

The recipient should identify a William Jewell faculty project advisor.  An off-site project advisor who is directly involved in the work being done should be identified, if applicable.

A written report will be provided to the committee by the end of the first seven weeks of the following fall semester. The recipient is expected to present a report of the project to the college community.  This presentation could take the form of a formal paper presentation or lecture during the academic year, or could be offered during the Duke Undergraduate Colloquium in the spring.

Students who do not complete the activity and associated accountability requirements will normally be asked to return the funding received from the Hall Family Foundation Summer Academic Enrichment program to the College unless extenuating circumstances indicate that other action would be a more appropriate response. These situations will be handled by the committee on a case-by-case basis.