The deadline for submitting Hall Family Foundation Summer Enrichment Grant applications is February 1 of the same year the summer funding is requested.

Application Procedure:

The following materials should accompany the application by submitting to

  1. letter of support from a Jewell faculty project advisor
  2. letter of support from any off-site project advisor (if appropriate)
  3. any pertinent information available regarding the summer opportunity (i.e. brochure, flier, pamphlet, internet link to on-line information, any helpful research the student has completed concerning the summer opportunity)

After the application deadline, the selection committee will deliberate and determine which projects will be granted funding.  Projects will be ranked according to the Criteria for Selection and full funding will be awarded to those projects with exemplary applications describing opportunities considered most beneficial to student enrichment. Students will be notified of funding awarded by February 25.

Hall Family Foundation Grant Application

  • General Information

  • Off-Site Project Director Information (if applicable)

  • Project Information

  • Please provide a brief description of yourself that may be used for publicity purposes.
  • Explain clearly and specifically what you propose to do. Include dates of project duration.
  • Explain how this project will enrich your educational experience and benefit your educational goals
  • Explain in detail any requirements from external sources that would need to be met to complete the project
  • a. Explain your plan for reporting to your faculty advisor and off-campus project advisor during the project. b. Explain how you will report the results of your project to the campus community upon project completion.
  • Proposed Project Budget

  • $0.00
  • If funding for faculty participation is requested, please provide explanation and justification.