Center for Justice & Sustainability

William Jewell College establishes the Center for Justice and Sustainability in order to develop in its students the commitment, competence, and confidence to address significant societal, economic, and ecological challenges facing society.

You will learn about issues related to justice and sustainability through Level II of the Core Curriculum. Courses in all four categories of Level II include significant justice and sustainability themes. The Center sponsors concentrated events where lessons of justice and sustainability are learned in short-term sessions. Concentrated events include September Seminars, Teach-Ins, and one-day Symposia/Workshops.

How can I serve?

There are several opportunities to practice these ideals operated through the Center:

Local Action Projects (LAPs) are sponsored by the Center in collaboration with other campus and non-campus organizations. They must a) relate to the Center's stated themes b) may be short-term or ongoing c) relate to the Jewell campus, Liberty or the Kansas City metro d) allow students, faculty and staff to engage in work that directly relates to issues of justice and/or sustainability and e) allow the campus to plan for work as well as respond to immediate situations. 

Projects for Justice and Sustainability is an annual grant program that allows students an opportunity to develop, formally propose, receive funding for, and conduct research/action projects related to issues of justice and/or sustainability. 

The Justice Council is a standing group including representation from all constituencies of the campus community. The Justice Council exists as a forum for discussing issues of justice and sustainability. Emphasis is given to learning about issues and listening to various perspectives about issues. The Justice Council practices deliberative conversation and consensus resolution, allowing the community to practice such processes. The Justice Council acts as an advisory body to recommend actions and policies and may be asked by other campus groups to deliberate on an issue and return a recommendation. 

Harvest Hill Community Garden is a one-acre garden on campus that started through a partnership between Jewell and members of Second Baptist Church in Liberty. The purpose is to provide a community garden for the community, seeking to help those who might not be able to have a garden of their own. Garden plots are available to residents of Liberty and surrounding communities, as well as Jewell students, staff and faculty.

Campus Recycling continues to be expanded and integrated into the daily systems and routines of campus life.