Washington Monthly ranks Jewell top of list


Washington Monthly has recognized William Jewell College among the top colleges in the country based on impact on the public good.

In its 2020 College Guide and Rankings, Washington Monthly names the top 248 Bachelor’s Colleges, placing Jewell at No. 13. The rankings come from an analysis of schools’ contributions to the public good in three categories: research (measuring both faculty and students), social mobility (recruiting and graduating low-income and first-generation students) and community/national service (encouraging students to give back to their country).

The College ranked high in a number of categories (out of the 248 top bachelor’s colleges):

  • No. 2: spending on student and faculty research
  • No. 2: graduates who go on to earn a Ph.D.
  • No. 2: Peace Corps service
  • No. 13: OVERALL ranking for Contributing to the Public Good
  • No. 15: community and national service
  • No. 19: student loan repayment
  • No. 25: graduation rate
  • No. 48: graduation rate of Pell Grant recipients

Read more about the 2020 Washington Monthly rankings and methodology. Review Jewell (No. 13) and all Bachelor’s College results table.