Operation Resurgent Campus

William Jewell is committed to providing a safe, in-person living and learning experience as we guide the Jewell community through COVID-19. Here you'll find updates and resources for our Operation Resurgent Campus plan for 2021-2022.

Campus Guide

Operation Resurgent Campus guideWe look forward to continuing on-ground, in-person classes in fall 2021 with a full offering of activities. Jewell has charted a path forward that establishes the greatest level of safety for our students, faculty, staff and visitors. View the 2021-2022 guide for Operation Resurgent Campus.

2021 Jewell Dashboard

Dates Tests Administered Positive Tests
Nov. 27-Dec. 3 33 2
Nov. 13-26 48 3
Oct. 30-Nov. 12 69 0
Oct. 23-29 29 0
Oct. 16-22 48 1
Oct. 9-15 50 0
Oct. 2-8 51 3
Sept. 25-Oct. 1 45 1
Sept. 18-24 47 1
Sept. 11-17 49 0
Aug. 26-Sept. 10 88 2
Aug. 18-25 479 1
Aug. 1-17 443 6

Risk Levels

In spring 2021, Jewell transitioned from our Operation Safe Campus coronavirus plan to Operation Resurgent Campus. The threat assessment matrix below outlines a continuum of situations with correlating protocols for each phase, or view the full framework here.


Navigating a Global Pandemic in 2020

Jewell was uniquely poised to ensure the health and safety of the Jewell community during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, providing face-to-face, on-ground learning for the full 2020-2021 academic year. In collaboration with a joint task force of biosafety and medical experts, Jewell developed Operation Safe Campus, an extensive plan focused on safety and the in-person experience we value as a residential learning community. Our 24 athletic teams saw competition, students lived on campus and we celebrated our Class of 2020 with an in-person Commencement ceremony. Learn more about  Operation Safe Campus in our 2020-2021 pandemic guide.

Jewell average COVID positivity rate for 2021-2022

Jewell employee and student vaccination completion (as of 10.1.21)

Current Clay County 7-day incidence rate (# of new cases per 100,000)

Coronavirus Resources and Updates

  • Vaccine and Immunization Information

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  • Campus Announcements

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  • Our Health and Safety Partners

    A vital component of Operation Resurgent Campus is our partnerships with expert teams:

    • Kansas City-based MRIGlobal, an international biorisk expert, has helped ensures Jewell’s preparedness for the pandemic and assesses other biosafety risks, such as an incident involving biological agents. MRIGlobal has provided biosafety training for all employees and students and manages containment and biological clean-up if someone on campus becomes symptomatic or is diagnosed with the coronavirus.
    • Liberty Hospital’s medical team, led by Chief Medical Officer and Infectious Disease Physician Raghu Adiga, M.D., provides medical advisement and reviews Jewell's plans for preventive health, testin and mitigation. The hospital is located three miles from campus and is a longtime valued partner with the College.
    • Clay County Public Health Center is another vital collaborator and helps perform Jewell’s coronavirus testing when needed.
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  • CARES Act

    Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds

    The U.S. Department of Education (ED) has provided money to college and universities for institutional support as well as support through three federal awards known as Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds (HEERF):

    The purpose of the money is to support both William Jewell College as well as our students for specific expenses that are a direct result of the disruption of campus operations due to the coronavirus.

    William Jewell College received the following HEERF awards:

    • HEERF I: $707,592, Per federal guidance the funds are to be split $353,796 (50%) towards institutional support and $353,796 (50%) towards student support.
    • HEERF II: $989,524, Per federal guidance the funds are to be split $635,728 (65%) towards institutional support and $335,600 (35%) towards student support.
    • HEERF III: $1,750,579, Per federal guidance the funds are to be split $785,289 (50%) towards institutional support and $785,290 (50%) towards student support.


    For the HEERF funds dedicated to student support, William Jewell College distributed the entirety as emergency financial grants to students in a way that prioritizes students with the greatest demonstrated need while ensuring the funds are distributed as widely as possible.  William Jewell College determined that its students experienced a variety of expenses resulting from the disruption of campus operations during Spring 2020 including, but not limited to food, housing, technology, course materials, and travel, as students were asked to move off campus and complete their programs virtually online. Jewell received a total of three grants:

    • HEERF I: Funds distributed ($353,800) under HEERF I were distributed evenly across 610 students in the amount $580. Students selected to received HEERF I funding were enrolled at William Jewell College as of May 2020.
    • HEERF II: Funds distributed ($352,800) under HEERF II were distributed evenly across 294 students in the $1,200. Student selected to received HEERF II funding were enrolled at William Jewell College as of February 2021, EFC less than 12,000, and excluded graduate students. 728 students were enrolled during the Spring 2020 semester. 744 students were enrolled during the Spring 2021 semester.
    • HEERF III: Funds distributed ($70,420) under HEERF III were distributed evenly across 167 students in the $500. Students selected to received HEERF III funding were enrolled at William Jewell College as of July 2021. 168 students were enrolled during the Summer 2020 semester.

    Students were advised by email of their awards and money could be applied to their student account balances with written confirmation or distributed to them via paper check to their address on file with William Jewell College on the date checks were produced. Parents and students who have experience a change in their income since the start of the pandemic are encouraged to reach out to the Financial Aid Office regarding any potential professional judgements.

    Quarterly reports of William Jewell College’s 18004(a)(1) institutional support spent through 30 September 2021:




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