Senior Tutor & Instructor of the Oxbridge Introductory Seminar
Dr. Kenneth D. Alpern (Philosophy)

Oxbridge Literature and Theory
Dr. Laurie C. Accardi (Adjunct in English)
Dr. Jennifer M. Cotter (English)
Dr. Sara Morrison (English)
Dr. Mark J. Walters (English) – Coordinator & Advisor
Dr. Ruth C. Williams (English)

Oxbridge History
Dr. R. Thomas Howell (History)
Dr. Elaine A. Reynolds (History) – Coordinator & Advisor
Dr. Christopher D. Wilkins (History)
Dr. Jane Foster Woodruff (Modern Languages & History)

Oxbridge History of Ideas
Dr. Kenneth D. Alpern (Philosophy)
Dr. Milton P. Horne (Religion)
Dr. Randall C. Morris (Philosophy)
Dr. Elizabeth A. Sperry (Philosophy) – Coordinator & Advisor

Oxbridge Institutions and Policy
Dr. Gary T. Armstrong (Political Science) – Coordinator & Advisor
Dr. Fletcher D. Cox (Political Science)
Dr. W. Alan Holiman (Political Science)
Dr. Rein J. Staal (Political Science)
Prof. Shawn Stogsdill (Adjunct in Political Science – Law)

Oxbridge Molecular Biology
Dr. Rose M. Reynolds (Biology) – Coordinator & Advisor
Dr. Bhupinder P.S. Vohra (Biology)
Dr. Lilah L. Rahn-Lee (Biology)

Oxbridge Music
Dr. Ian D. Coleman (Music) – Coordinator & Advisor
Dr. Anthony Maglione (Music)
Dr. Calvin C. Permenter, Jr. (Music)
Dr. Ronald K. Witzke (Music)

Oxbridge Administrative Assistant
Ms. Diana Rivera (Provost’s Office)

Director of Global Studies and Journey Grants
Ms. Sara Round