More demanding than a traditional college major, all six Oxbridge majors provide rigorous training in sophisticated interpretation, analytical thinking, critical evaluation, and strong writing and oral presentation. Students in the Oxbridge Honors Program must major in one of these six majors.

Literature and Theory. Involves the study of great texts from British, American, and World literary traditions as well as classical and contemporary theoretical perspectives and methodologies.

History. Focuses on American and European history and the methods of the study of history.

History of Ideas. A study of ethics and values through classic texts, preparing students for careers wherever strong analytical and critical skills are called for, including academics, law, public policy, journalism, ministry….

Institutions and Policy. An interdisciplinary study of Political Science, Economics, and Ethics. Excellent preparation for law, business, public policy, government.

Molecular Biology. The study of biology at the molecular and genetic level, with a strong emphasis on research throughout the four years of study. Excellent training for research and medical school.

Music. Focused in study of music theory and history and music literature and analysis, with private lessons and public recitals.

In addition to their Oxbridge majors, many Oxbridge students pursue further study in non-Oxbridge majors or minors. E.g., Oxbridge major in Molecular Biology and minor in non-Oxbridge music; Oxbridge major in Institutions and Policy and non-Oxbridge majors also in Political Science and Mathematics. Oxbridge major in History of Ideas and non-Oxbridge Philosophy.

For more details, see the Course Catalog.