All William Jewell College students are required to live on campus unless authorized to commute.  Please see the qualifying criteria for living off-campus.  Students living off-campus, in violation of this college policy, are charged the standard residence hall double-room rate and disciplinary action is possible.

All students are required to live on campus, except when meeting one or more of the following conditions or exceptions:

  • 23 years of age or older before August 1 of the academic year in question
  • married and/or have children and/or other legal dependents living with you
  • enrolled in less than 12 credit hours

If you want to appeal for an exemption to the residency requirement, the Exemption Application to Campus Residential Policy form must be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs. An appeals committee will then consider your request to move off-campus and communicate a final decision to you. The form is due within two (2) weeks or ten (10) working days of your intent to change to commuter status.

It’s very important to check with the Financial Aid Office to find out how changing to commuter status is going to affect your aid package. Living off campus can create a reduction to your financial aid package since financial aid is based on the cost of living on campus.  Make sure your decision to move off-campus is the best one for you!

Important Reminder: A student’s financial aid award is based on information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the student (and student’s parent(s)/guardian(s), if applicable), which may include living arrangements while attending William Jewell College. As such, the College must have an adequate system to identify conflicting information, and must resolve any conflicting information concerning a student’s financial aid eligibility. If a student is suspected of misreporting information to increase student aid eligibility or to fraudulently obtain federal funds, the student will be reported to the U.S. Office of Inspector General.

Commuter Meal Plan
If interested, you may purchase a Commuter Meal Plan which allows you to eat one (1) meal a day (any 5 meals a week total) on campus. This form must be submitted to the Office of Student Life as well.

Housing Deposit Refunds
The $100 housing deposit holds your space in the residence halls each semester you live on-campus.  The Office of Student Affairs reserves the right to retain deposits if not properly notified of a student’s decision to move off-campus by the established deadlines.  Students must notify the Office of Student Affairs of their intent to live off-campus or transfer for the next semester by the following specified dates:

  • December 1 for spring semester
  • June 30 for fall semester

Students leaving William Jewell College all together to attend another institution or otherwise not returning for classes are required to complete the Exit Interview. Completion of the Exit Interview initiates the request for the refund of your housing deposit.  If your request is not made by the aforementioned dates, your deposit will be forfeited.  Graduating seniors need not request the return of their deposit, William Jewell College process your refund automatically.

Questions about any of this information can be directed to the Residence Life Staff.