You have the opportunity to worship with the college community in John Gano Memorial Chapel each Wednesday morning at 10:15 a.m. for a 20-minute service, and at other times as established by the Dean of the Chapel. Standard chapel services include music, Scripture, prayer and a 500-word presentation by a fellow student, faculty or staff member or special guest. Special chapel services may include guest lecturers and creative programs. Attendance at chapel is by personal choice. Many students and faculty find it a very refreshing time of worship and reflection in the middle of the week.

The Dean of the Chapel is responsible for the Chapel service and fills the role of the College pastor/preacher and worship leader. Throughout the year, significant College events occur during the Chapel hour: Opening Convocation, Hanging of the Green, Achievement Day and the Binns Lecture. The chapel hour may be used as a lecture period toward the end of integrating faith and learning.