The transition from high school Second Semester- Full of Hope!

If students have successfully negotiated first semester, second semester typically holds fewer stressful times.

Residence Halls Open — January 14 (2 p.m.)

Greek Rush & Recruitment — January 16-20

Spring 2017 Classes Begin — January 16

Midterm Examinations and Papers — February 27 -March 9
This is a stressful time for students because they have many assignments or tests coming all within a week or two of one another.

Spring Break — March 10-18

Classes Resume — March 19

Good Friday & Easter Monday — March 30 & April 2

Parents Weekend — April 20 – 22
An opportunity for families to come and support their student during Undergraduate Colloquium Day/Honors Day, athletic events, concerts, etc.

Housing Registration — late April
Many First-Year students find that housing registration can be a stressful time because they must choose who they will live with and where they will live. The variety of choices for housing are typically limited for rising sophomores, as juniors and seniors are prioritized for housing selection. Sometimes this creates stress as your student doesn’t feel like they have their first choice for housing.

Last Day of Spring 2018 Classes — May 4

Final Exams — May 8 – 11
Papers and final assignments are due. Final exams occur and require students to study intensely to prepare.

Baccalaureate/Commencement — May 12

Summer Planning — May
“Will I have a job?” “Where am I going to live?” “Should I take summer classes?” These are some of the common questions that can create stress for students.

Summer School Begins — June 4

Summer Classes End — July 28

How can you help alleviate your student’s stress?

  • Stay in touch– Call regularly, email, send a letter or care package.
  • Ask Questions and Listen – Ask your student specific questions about their college experience. Listen carefully to what they tell you. Make sure you feel you are getting answers from them about how they are doing in class and how they are doing socially.
  • Surprise Your Student – Surprise them with an unexpected gift, visit or communication during a stressful time. This does make a difference.
  • Use College Resources – If at any point you believe that the stress is getting the best of your student, contact Student Life and ask them to help.

Parents make a difference. The more aware and informed you are of your student’s college experience, the more effectively you can provide advice and support. College can be an educational experience for both students and parents. Asking questions and having an open dialogue with your son or daughter can be mutually beneficial. It can also lead to your student being more successful at William Jewell College.