• Is this safe?
    Yes! Participation in experiential education programs such as the Tucker Leadership Lab is safer than traditional leisure time activities such as softball, basketball, tennis, and volleyball. (Source: Safety Data Network of Bellefontaine, Ohio)
  • Can everyone participate?
    Yes! Our facilitators are trained to adapt experiential activities according to the group’s needs and abilities. Everyone can participate at the level they choose. Please contact the office if you have any concerns or special needs in your group.
  • What ages can participate?
    The Tucker Leadership Lab is designed for 5th grade students through adults of any age.
  • How do I get to the Tucker Leadership Lab?
    The Tucker Leadership Lab is located on the William Jewell College campus. Most groups will meet their facilitators at the North East corner of the Mabee Center, located at 932 State Hwy H, Liberty, MO 64068. If you are unsure where your group is scheduled to meet your facilitator, please consult your confirmation email or contact the office prior to the day of your experience.
  • What do we do with the Release of Liability Form?
    Each participant must have our Release of Liability Form completed (front and back) and signed by a parent/guardian if the participant is under 18. Please have liability forms organized by group ready to hand to your facilitator when you arrive. This ensures that you begin your experience with us without delay!
  • Do you have a Spanish version of the Release Form?
  • Do you have indoor options?
    Yes! We have an extensive portable Quest Course – a low challenge course and Team Catalyst are indoor options. We can conduct those here at the Lab or at another location.
  • When and how do we pay?
    Payment is due at or before the time of the training unless other arrangements have been made. Please make payment to the Tucker Leadership Lab. You may also pay with a major credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or Discover) by calling the office.
  • What if there is severe weather?
    Please review our severe weather policy for questions related to weather conditions on the day of your event. [link to attached]
  • What if we have to cancel or reschedule?
    You may cancel 20 or more days before the scheduled event without a cancellation fee. Any event cancellation with less than 20 days notice, the organization will be billed a cancellation fee of $50.00. Exceptions are severe weather or the group reschedules. If a group reschedules 5 days or more before the initial scheduled date, there is no cancellation fee. Otherwise, there is a $50.00 cancellation fee. If there is a last minute cancellation due to weather, call 816-415-5079.
  • What clothing do we wear?
    Wear comfortable layered clothing that is conducive for outdoor activities like walking or hiking (jeans, t-shirts, sweat-shirts, jackets, etc.). The weather is the determining factor. Long shorts and long t-shirts are recommended when weather is appropriate. Short t-shirts and short shorts are not advisable or appropriate in any weather conditions.  Please remember, you will be outside for multiple hours at a time. In addition, wear sunscreen and insect repellant as needed.
  • What shoes should we wear?
    Only wear closed toe shoes that cover your feet entirely (sneakers or hiking boots). Flip-flops, clogs, or athletic sandals are unsafe to wear. Facilitators will not allow individuals to participate if they are not wearing proper footwear.
  • What should we bring?
    • Please bring a reusable water bottle for each participant. Hydration, no matter the temperature of the day, is an important part of keeping our participants safe. We also strive to keep our production of trash to a minimum.
  • What should we NOT bring? Or what do we do with valuables and accessories?
    Please leave any personal items of value or accessories (cell phones, pagers, wallets, purses, jewelry, rings, necklaces, watches, etc.) at home or in your vehicle. Tucker Leadership Lab is not responsible for lost or damaged items.
  • What do we do about lunch?
    Most groups choose to have each participant bring a sack lunch. Please have each participant bring their lunch in hand or have lunches divided by groups. You may also choose to cater in lunch for your participants. Although Tucker Leadership Lab does not coordinate the catering for your event, we can give you several ideas of places in the Liberty area that deliver to our course