William Jewell to host Inspired to Teach conference

Both practicing teachers and aspiring teachers will be able to get encouragement and support from an upcoming conference at William Jewell College.

The Inspired To Teach — Now and in the Future conference will offer 12 professional development sessions from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 20 (President’s Day), on the William Jewell campus. A continental breakfast will be served at the opening general session. Registration is free and limited to 200 attendees.

The topics for the 12 sessions include: Mindfulness Strategies, Making Critical Thinking Visible, Problem-Based Learning, Creating a Positive Climate for Collaboration, Windows and Mirrors for Diverse Learners, and Unleashing Student Understanding. Attendees will be able to attend three of the sessions.

Practicing teachers are encouraged to invite an aspiring teacher, and aspiring high-school students are encouraged to invite a respected teacher to attend with them.

The event is sponsored by the William Jewell College Department of Education and the Master of Science in Differentiated Instruction faculty. To register online, visit www.jewell.edu/education/inspired-to-teach-conference. For questions about the conference, call 415-7627 or email education@william.jewell.edu.

Media Contact
Cara Dahlor
Director of Communication