At Jewell, you’ll jump right in to understand the concepts of organic, analytical and physical chemistry.

You will become proficient in designing, conducting and evaluating meaningful chemical research as well as producing, recording and reporting laboratory data. Faculty will help you develop effective chemical communication skills, including reading, writing and oral presentations. What’s more, in-class instruction using computers and lab equipment allows technology to be integrated with new teaching methods in the classroom setting.

Jewell’s rigorous chemistry curriculum will prepare you for a wide variety of opportunities including graduate studies, medicine, research, secondary education, teaching and business.



Austin Regier balances coursework at Jewell with competition as a four-year NCAA Division II basketball player.

Continued Learning

Sarah Scoggin, doctor of optometry student, was a Pryor Leadership Fellow and president of American Chemical Society and her sorority. She also traveled to Mexico to give children eye exams.

Village Partner

Nick West, second from left, built gardens with drip irrigation in Honduras for a constant food supply and facilitated talks on adding electricity and tilapia farming.

“Chemistry and art are very similar. Both require curiosity and a willingness to branch out in order to discover new concepts and ideas. All of the advancements within the sciences have been because someone decided to create something new; to rethink an idea in a new way."

-Jesse Lundervold, double major in chemistry and studio art; plans to pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry with an environmental or sustainability emphasis