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A chemistry or biochemistry major at William Jewell will tell you that, in addition to great classroom learning facilitated by of some of the best professors in the field, hands-on experiences using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques gives Jewell students a real advantage over their peers at many other schools. The chemistry faculty pride themselves on guiding students through the learning process. Integrating the lab and lecture material strengthens overall learning and provides a synthesizing experience for students. Students are encouraged to explore fully the depths of research.

Degree programs offered:

  • Bachelor of Arts:
    - Chemistry
    - Biochemistry
  • Minor in Chemistry


Chemistry students are prepared to be thoughtful, curious, and driven individuals. Students gain valuable experiences and feedback through working on collaborative research projects with faculty members and other students. The rigorous curriculum prepares students for a wide variety of career opportunities including: Graduate Studies, Secondary Education Teaching, Medicine, Research, and Business. Some unique aspects of the chemistry department include:

  • Five student research labs in which chemistry and biochemistry students work in teams led by faculty mentors;
  • State-of-the-art instrumentation including spectrometers (NMR, FTIR, UV/Vis, AAS), chromatographs (GC/FID, GC/MS), flow cytometry, and computer modeling workstations;
  • Classrooms that are designed for small classes and close interaction between students and faculty; and
  • A large lecture hall, which is used for presentations both by visiting scientists and by upperclass students presenting their research.

Are you ready to get your hands dirty in the lab? Drop us an email, schedule a visit, or call us toll free (1-888-2-JEWELL).

Chemistry Faculty:

Anne Dema, B.S., Ph.D. 
Provost and Professor of Chemistry 
After serving for over ten years as the chair of the department, Dr. Dema now works as Provost of the College.

Ed Lane, B.S., Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry and Chair
Although his area of specialization is physical chemistry, Dr. Lane spends much of his time teaching introductory courses. He received the college's "Advisor of the Decade" award for his work in academic advising during the 1990s and has twice been named the college's Advisor of the Year, most recently in 2007.

After several recent retirements, Dr. Lane (with 31 years in teaching and 28 years at Jewell) has become the College's "senior scientist" and the oldest active faculty member in White Science Center.

Jason Morrill, B.S., Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry 
Dr. Morrill's research interests include computational chemistry, with investigations of the physical and biological properties of molecules of interest by Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships as well as quantum mechanics-based molecular reactivity studies of organic molecules. Dr. Morrill uses the results of these studies to design and then to synthesize novel organic molecules. Other synthetic organic research interests include heterocyclic organic molecules and monomers for polymeric materials.

Shane Price,  B.A., Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Chemistry 
Dr. Price’s dissertation involved a study of the protein calmodulin’s conformations and dynamics using single-molecule and time-resolved spectroscopic tools. He is the department's analytical chemist and is in charge of our instrumental facilities. He also is the instructor of a course that encourages elementary education students to be interested in science education.

Lori Wetmore,  B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry
With a specialty in pharmacology/toxicology, Dr. Wetmore teaches general chemistry and biochemistry courses. In addition, she teaches the Responsible Self class in the core curriculum as well as a course on drugs' effects on the brain. She also coordinates student research projects involving cell culture and flow cytometry.

Having worked for the Children's Mercy Hospital for 10 years, she has experience in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and cell biology. Her dissertation research focused on cancer pharmacology. As a post-doctoral fellow at UMKC, she investigated biocompatibility of dental resins. In addition, she enjoys working with the college class at her church and spending her free time running, camping, hiking, and traveling.

Dr. Wetmore spent the 2007-08 year teaching in Portugal.

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