Music at Jewell

It is the mission of the Department of Music to fulfill the promise of the college by providing an undergraduate music education of the highest standards within the liberal arts context.  By offering rigorous intellectual challenges in the art of music, we aim to produce graduates who are not only accomplished musicians but also well-rounded individuals in their experience of music and the arts generally and who can place that understanding in the wider context of their general education at William Jewell.

Since the Department of Music was founded over 150 years ago, music has been an integral part of the life of William Jewell College. Just walking down the corridors of the Pillsbury Music Center gives you a sense of the depth and longevity of the musical traditions at Jewell. Hung on the walls there you will see pictures of the Jewell band of 1906, the Men’s Glee Club of 1932, the Chapel Choir in 1945 and posters from the 1970s to the present of our various national and international tours. Music is a part of nearly everything we do on campus. Through the Department of Music and the Harriman-Jewell Series, it supports our ceremonial occasions, edifies our chapel services, inspires our athletic events and uses its beauty and power to transform listeners into our many fine performing venues on campus.

The Department of Music at William Jewell College has been accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music since 1978. We offer an undergraduate degree of the highest standard as evidenced by the success of our graduates in many areas of music from professional performance, teaching and church music to the wider music business as a whole. Our graduates have also been very successful in careers outside of music, employing the skills and self-discipline acquired through rigorous study in music.